Re: Testing Bonds (ATTN: Trifali/Andreya)

Jessica Freise

Trifali licked her lips, suddenly and inexplicably nervous. She had a right to feel this way, didn't she?

"I'm sorry I haven't seen you since we saw the eggs," she began as she took a seat. "I wasn't sure what... *How*... to say what I felt...feel. Faranth's egg, I'm still not sure, but I know that it's a disservice to you that I don't explain. If...if you want to listen."

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Andreya was, as usual, in her place in one of the study rooms, her head bent over some hides studying with Ellysetta laying across her legs and Colzar perched on the back of her chair. At the quiet question spoken in a familiar voice, Andreya's head came up to meet her sister's eyes, taking in her grave face. Straightening slowly even as she nodded, Andreya replied without sounding hesitant "Of course, Trifali." 

With that, she looked down at her table and began to shift things so that there was space for Trifali to sit down. But as she moved, her mind was racing at the possible reason why Trifali would look so grave assuming it would have something to do with when Kassia had invited them to see the eggs and she'd Trifali had not spoken to her since that day.

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The day after her talk with T'rif, Trifali sought out Andreya. She was not one to hide her emotions, not if she'd previously shared them. It was because of this that she knew her face looked grave when she caught up to her sister and said quietly, "Can we talk?"

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