Re: I'm Watching You {Kaji, Tyne}


The response intrigued her. It was different but that didn't mean it was unwelcome. Normally the firelizards were baffled by her, but she was rarely met with abject hostility. Still watching the flit, Tyne cocked her head as she watched it carefully. Carefully, she filled the mental space between them with a sensation similar to the one Bobbin used to comfort the faire. This new one was welcome in this space, safe, but welcome most of all. 

The colour intrigued her. She had never heard of it being possible for such an extreme discolouration but, in the realm of possibility, she supposed it was possible. Amazing what factors could have an impact on these things. 

On Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 1:16 AM Kouga <hanjikouga@...> wrote:
>>It felt as though she could clean one wall and only a short while later, it would already be covered in dust again. The sooner the doors were finally installed, the better things would be for everyone. The firelizards didn't care, they adored having a mountain of rags to run away with and rip to pieces in a corner somewhere. That she would need to sweep. Again. Stooping to pick up the bucket in order to toss the dirty water down the steps, Tyne paused when she felt the familiar prickle of, well, someone unfamiliar. She knew all of the faces that popped in regularly, her own fair notwithstanding. No, she wasn't sure she had met this one.

Feeling the mental stand, she tugged it gently in greeting, the same
way she had felt the firelizards do when they were introducing
themselves. It was very much an empathic nudge, edged with the
cautious sensations of curious interest. Looking about her, it always
reminded her of the child's game "hot and cold". It took a little
longer than expected, not expecting to see the strangely coloured
firelizard tucked away. "Hello," she said, fixing the white firelizard
with her dark eyes.<<

Kawaii may have been the one to make a point to find her, but that
didn't mean he /actually/ welcomed her attention. He didn't flench
from her, but he clearly didn't return the greeting either instead
offering a light hiss. She hadn't come closer so it wasn't his
standard full hiss, but still it was very obviously a hiss. No his pet
was plenty to talk to he wasn't sure about talking to /her/ even if
the others liked her. He was stopped from farther contemplation when
Kaji moved and he turned his attention to his pet ~~Where going. What
looking.~~ He questioned watching his pet search the area around him.

The return of asking about his location cause him to look back at the
woman and pass Kaji an image of Tyne. He could see Kaji turn his
direction, but as long as his pet stayed there the little white flit
was going to stay here and watch her. He might in no way be sure of
her, but he still wanted to see her better. Kaji would just have to
come up here once he was done.

ooc: figure have Kaji come in next reply, but figured poor Tyne could
try to socalize with mr. anti social a bit first heh


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