Re: Would you like some help? {Cl'rin, Tyne}


Humming happily to herself, Tyne swept the large brush across the floor. The sensation and sound was deeply soothing. That and it was rewarding in itself to see the dust and debris pulled up and the floor left clear in its wake. Instant progress. Well, until the next time she had to sweep it again. The faire was "helping" having been put to task picking up and removing small items of debris such as small rocks, bits of wood and the like and were cheerfully swooping back and forth across the space. Hopefully in the next several days, her doors would be arriving, proper ones, made out of a sturdy wood and made to measure. They would definitely add a good touch.

Her back was to Cl'rin as he spoke and she didn't look up immediately. "Yes?" Tyne called over her shoulder, stooping with a small pan to sweep the small pile of dust and rubble into it. 

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Cl'rin would admit he had never known Tyne as well as he had Jayden.
Jayden had been the one to help him heal after everything that had
happened. She got him Gem, helped him impress the little flit, and if
not for her he still didn't know if he would have been in a good frame
of mind when Dollanth had found him that day on the sands.

Still he /had/ talked to her a few times and such you couldn't spend
time in training for that long in not. The problem though to him was
that he had never bothered to keep up with her after. While it might
seem silly to most to wait till now it seemed like a good idea to the
ACM to do it later rather than never, he just hoped he didn't step
wrong honestly.

He knew where her clinic was and waited till one of his half days
before gathering Gem and Fuzzy and making his way there. Gem was
content on his shoulder, but Fuzzy was wrapped around his arm
chittering and chirping happily as he ran the fingers of his other
hand along her back.

He paused at the entrance glancing around to see the work that had
been done so far before finally speaking "Hello? Tyne?" he called.


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