Re: Yes she's fully grown. No, we're not Weyrlings. (Dytha/D'jarin)


Skepticism coloured her expression in the form of a raised brow. No questions? She found that hard to believe. Normally the questions were falling out faster than the brain could formulate them. Well, she'd given him his chance to scratch that itch, he wasn't going to get it again. "That's a first," she snorted, clearly not entirely believing his lack of curiosity. "Normally anyone who meets Ponth for the first time can't stop themselves asking questions." 

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"Not really." D'jarin answered, with a shrug. "Vizslath covered it. Dragon's happy and healthy, don't need to know past that." 

Vizslath snorted. ((Wherever would you be, if I didn't ask questions?)) he told his rider, turning his head to nudge D'jarin. The bronze rider huffed, gave his muzzle a push. "Must've been something else. Minding your own business and suddenly, dragon. Least Candidates expect it." 

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