Re: Clutching Time: attn Nyzara / C'lynx

Jessica Freise

Nyzara, who sometimes could be reticent, didn't mind C'lynx's chatter. She rather enjoyed his it, in fact. She squeezed his arm, excitement vibrating her slender, but tall, form.

"She has every right to be proud, as do we all." She smiled at him, unaware how very proud *she* looked of Flare even as the gold shifted around and revealed her first egg to C'lynx's probing gaze.

It was a wildly patterned thing, ranging from swirling greens to deep, almost bronze patches. While it certainly was no gold egg, it still seemed to have some majesty about it's form.

On Aug 18, 2020, at 6:22 AM, kepheren <kepheren@...> wrote:

He watched, rather fascinated by the little gold. Brahn was cheering her on in his own inimitable way and C'lynx gave Nyzara's shoulder a little squeeze as the first egg was laid.

"I can't quite see what color it is," he said after a moment. "Hard to tell since she is still sitting on it and it's covered by the nest. I bet she will lay a lot though and she looks so very proud of herself."

No doubt Nyzara would already know that part but C'lynx, like his bronze flit, could be a little overly chatty sometimes.

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