Threadfall: Balancing Skyfighter (C'fan, DRAGONHEALER, HEALER, any) #attnany


Your dragon fights to stay in place long enough to flame, succeeds, but tears some muscles in their right wing, sending you plummetting , barely in control towards the ground..

Threadfall had been good that day, nothing too terrible or at least that the bronzepair couldn’t handle. C’fan flew Resmeinth with the Direflames and helped burn plenty of good-sized clumps of Thread either completely or into bits that the blue and greenriders could handle. C’fan was watching the latest clump of char carefully to make sure that it was fully burnt when Resmeinth gave a screech and backwinged so sharply that C’fan bashed his nose on his dragon’s upraised back before he himself leaned back with his harness. He felt the rumbling in Resmeinth’s chest but also realized that the bronze was flapping irregularly now to keep steady. Resmeinth’s wings flew faster and more unevenly while waiting for the flame to come until, just as the gout of flame erupted and burned the thread, Resmeinth screamed as muscles in his right wing tore and sent him plummeting down to the ground.

C’fan held his own right shoulder in sympathy but let go in favor of hanging on to his straps as the ground approached swiftly. 

{{Resmeinth, pull up!}}

{{I’m trying!}} The bronze dragon spat back. {{Something is very wrong with my wing and I can’t move it!}}

C’fan had to act right now to save their lives. He unhooked himself from his riding harness, kept only his longest flight straps on, and started to climb up towards the injured wing. The wind tore at the man, pushing him and ripping right and left to dislodge him and take him away to his own death away from his dragon. C’fan held on, though, by nothing more than determination to save his dragon, and dared to climb out onto the injured wing.

{{C’fan, let go!}} Resmeinth begged. {{Another dragon will catch you!}}

He couldn’t let himself be distracted by the sound of the bronze begging. Resmeinth was too proud to beg but the human understood why the dragon was doing it. Still he kept on, getting to the thumb joint as carefully as he could and yanking the sail open and up. Resmeinth bellowed in agony but the stupid plan worked and the pair angled up just before hitting the ground. C’fan barely had time to see the brown dragon who had been angling to catch them before Resmeinth’s belly made contact with the ground. The sudden braking launched C’fan from his dragon as far as the cables would let him, but he had the greatest fortune to land in a numbweed bush. The plant immediately bruised and set to numbing what of C’fan was exposed and helped the physical pain.

What the leaves couldn’t help was the psychic pain that came from Resmeinth where his belly was torn up and bruised from landing. Yellow, red, orange, and white all swirled together in the bronze’s eyes as he moaned out in agony and reached a paw for his rider desperately. C’fan tried to struggle to his feet but couldn’t quite manage it.

{{I’m here, my friend,}} he called instead. {{See, you can sense me, I know it. Resmeinth, brave bronze, you are alive with me now. You’re safe! Stay with me…}}

{{C’fan, my C’fan,}} wailed the injured one, {{I need you! I need my rider!}} The last was broadcast so that anyone around could hear it.

Out of the fire comes new life. Telgar Rises!

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