Re: Party: Pardon My Clumsiness attn Miacca / Ronhim


He tried to remember the smell of numbweed but was coming up with a blank. It wasn't as if he had ever been hurt often and when he was a simple drudge, particularly one nobody cared much for anyway, hardly merited fancy medicine. Oh, he had experienced it once or twice from a distance but the memory didn't stay with him so well while he was already distracted.

"I'll have to take your word for that," he said thoughtfully, putting the numbweed question aside for now. "But that must be helpful. To have been here for a few turns and to have an uncle who can heal dragons. I just got here and am still just amazed by everything I see.'

Ronhim was still nervous but her easy manner was doing a lot to help set him at ease.

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