Re: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others ((Attn: Namieh, Kassia, Any Boys))


Namieh responded to the cajoling by cooperatively ceasing her cries, which both lessened the amount of pain she was (albeit just a little) and helped reassure that she would at least capitulate when certain death was the alternative. The adults discussing the possibility for punishment sailed over her head, her attention only for the apprentices that had begun to move her. What Rulynn had said was true - this was far worse than before. She tried not to fight against Healer hands, understanding that it would only exacerbate her pain, but the survivalist in her wanted to resist. As they lifted her into the stretcher, Nami burst into new weeping that abated into shuddering sniffles once she was settled. Every breath hurt! "P-Please," she whimpered piteously. "It hurts-- so much!" That she might soon feel relief once in the Infirmary hadn't registered in her terrified mind, focused only on the present and how agonizing her own injuries were. "Don't let me die."

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Ru nodded absently at T'rif. She breathed a sigh of relief when the feet moved, but winced at the evident agony Namieh evidently felt. When she started sobbing Ru shook her head.

"Enough of that. You can cry after we've got you put back together, but for now, you're causing yourself even more pain." But the injuries were bad. It was going to be excruciating to be moved onto the stretcher, and carried back to the Infirmary. But initial examination showed that she wasn't paralyzed--yet--and her breath sounds were good, so the ribs hadn't punctured a lung--again, yet. Fellis would relax her, but she didn't want her too relaxed before getting her to the Infirmary.

She sighed. "OK, I hate to do this to you but you think you're in pain now? We need to move you now, and the pain is going to be so much worse. But I promise, after we get you there I'll make sure you won't have any pain for several hours, at least." She gestured for the apprentices to move the girl to the stretcher. "Gently!" she admonished, steel in her tone. She could easily make their lives miserable in the Infirmary, and even though this Candidate had done something illegal and unconscionable, Rulynn wasn't sadistic. There were better ways to punish a wayward Candidate.

"I know you want some sort of punishment for this child," she said to T'rif, "but for now, the amount of pain she's going to be in should be enough. She will also definitely not Stand for this Clutch, and depending on when the next queen rises, possibly not the next one either. For today, that knowledge will have to suffice."  

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"She must have snuck in pretending to be a boy," T'rif guessed as she got out of the way. "I told her not to move until you got here." He was worried about her, but also furious.

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