Re: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others ((Attn: Namieh, Kassia, Any Boys))

Laura Walker

Right now the idea of going near a dragon - any dragon - was enough to set Garatt's stomach turning again. Yesterday maybe they'd been benevolent protectors, but it was going to take a while before he could get rid of the image of Talith snatching Asheran from the Sands as though he were just another herdbeast. He shuddered violently at the suggestion. "Maybe another day." Maybe not.


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"Mostly they are. But you never mess with a momma. Don't matter what kind. Momma's gonna protect their babies right?" Lerian paused and considered a moment, he didn't want the other kid scared too badly. "You ought to go to the lake, meet some friendly ones. There's an old brown that sits down there a lot. He's friendly...though sometimes he says odd things."
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