Re: First Chance to See the Shiny atten: Andreya/Trifali/Shalia/Kashara/Rassia


Hearing that Kassia herself wasn't upset with her caused a *little* bit of the knots in her stomach to relax just the tiniest bit, but she held her posture even as she listened to the rest. When the Weyrwoman finished, Andreya dipped her head in understanding as she replied with "I understand, and thank you Ma'am for relaying my words to Foreth anyway. I look forward to returning to assist you." 

With a small smile on her lips now, she finished with a less stiff-sounding "And I appreciate your kind words. I'd miss you too, if I impress." 

With that, she gave Kassia one more respectful dip of her head and then moved to stand next to Shalia who hadn't left yet. As she walked over toward Shalia, she gave the older candidate a glance, the first time she'd looked at Shalia since she began speaking, just to see what the other girl's reaction was to Andreya's shocking decision, before turning to look at Kashara and Rassia and see if either of them would be joining Shalia and her on their walk back to the Barracks. 

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Kassia nodded. "I hold no grudge against you," she said. "Just to be clear. I can't guarantee how Foreth will feel, but I will relay your words. I hope to see you back for a short time before it's too late. I will miss you, but I hope you Impress."

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