Re: Lunch For Two! (atten: Ko'ssen)


To J'zat's initial words, Ko'ssen grinned back and replied with "Only if you leave off the 'sir', Ko'ssen's just fine." With that being said, Ko'ssen held one tray balanced on one hand and used the other to shift enough of the hides to be able to put his tray down. Then, now able to use both hands and move quicker, he hurried and moved the rest of the hides into stacks out of the way so that J'zat could put his own tray down too. 

With the desk cleared enough and the trays sitting down, Ko'ssen could smell the delicious scents coming off the tray and realized just how hungry he was all of a sudden. Lowering into his seat as the other rider spoke, Ko'ssen reassured J'zat with a motion at the chair opposite his at the desk "Please, have a seat. No worries, I needed the interruption. I can't count the number of days since becoming WLM that I've been so focused on work that lunch has completely slipped my mind. So, thank you for stopping by with lunch." At the last question, Ko'ssen nodded with a glance at the piles of hides he'd shifted into stacks to the side of his desk "Correct, J'zat. I'd gone over, before the Clutching, lesson plans for the early months, due to the Midsummer Dreamers, up to the months that the older weyrling class were in, but when I did that I didn't focus my attention on any of the gold weyrling specific lessons as that wasn't needed immediately. What I'm doing now is looking through all the information for the gold weyrling specific classes and instructions, especially with those early months." 

Glancing down at the food in front of him, Ko'ssen was about to start tucking in before he realized he should ask "Oh! Would you like some klah? I brewed it recently." 

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"Jus' J'zat's fine, sir." J'zat responded, with a nod of gratitude for both the prompt door answering and the removal of one of the trays. "Ya got it." he added, after a moment, standing patiently until the desk was cleared, before setting down his own tray opposite Ko'ssen's. "'Pologies if ah interrupted anythin'. Figured it was lunchtime, though, and Meisteth said yer bronze hadn't moved from his spot, so ah figured you were still in here." He squinted, briefly, at the hides. "Lesson plans?" 

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