Re: Checking In (Diagir/Insera)


"Thank you, Master." Diagir cleared his throat. "During my suspension, which was caused by my bond with one of my whers breaking and the wher going to another person, I spent whatever free time I had working with my brown and my gold. Diagirsk showed to be steady and ready to obey orders, even if it meant staying in his den save to defecate. That was attemted once for eight candlemarks, food and water provided to the wher, and followed up by a brisk walk and short run through the woods. Communication afterwards revealed that Diagirsk, of course, hated it and would have preferred something to do, even if I wasn't there. Guarding the den would have been better for him even if all other conditions were the same. I have zero intention of repeating the same experiment again.

"My gold Ziya was different. Where Diagirsk was firm and obedient, Ziya attempted to push boundaries and stay by my side as often as she could. The lessons with her came to be related to staying in my quarters, not in her den necessarily but in the entire room. She did as instructed and stayed, but in the beginning days I did find more scratches and chew marks on my furniture. This was addressed with the gold util she understood that it was not something acceptable to do. She already has plenty of toys to enrich her environment and even some puzzles with treats inside to keep her occupied if I am not there. Ziya was reintroduced to these items with strong positive feelings from myself about interacting with them. Note that she had not been instructed to guard my quarters, just remain. There were, of course, lessons on guarding my quarters while staying inside. Ziya did not care for these lessons but obeyed nonetheless. Her will was shown many times when I would leave the room, but I restricted our outside time together to hunting, walks, and running. 

"In conclusion, my whers and I have improved our bonds and understanding of each other greatly. Ziya still shows occasional desire to override my will but does give in to me and obeys my orders. There is no fear of either of those bonds breaking, I am certain of it."
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