Re: After the Dust...Isn't Settling Yet attem: Zosime/Kassia

Jerzy Tobin

With Foreth on the Sands and Kassia spending more and more time there, Brogan was beginning to get cooped up. At four months pregnant, and months of being more sedate with Foreth in the Cavern, Kassia was starting to feel more easily winded. She was near the Candidate Barracks when she had to stop to catch her breath.
Zosime was just returning to the candidate barracks from her last
round of chores for the day. Folding laundry wasn't the most
interesting thing to do, but it wasn't difficult either, and didn't
leave one in disarray afterwards. So she still looked as neat and
tidy as when she'd gone out. When the young woman saw the Weyrwoman
and her wher on the path in front of her, Zosime immediately slowed
down and approached with no small amount of trepidation.

"Greetings, Weyrwoman Kassia," Zosime said with both a salute and a curtsy.

"Life is NOT a journey to the grave with the goal of arriving safely
in a prettily preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways in a
shower of gravel and party shards, thoroughly used, utterly exhausted,
and loudly proclaiming: "F*** ME, that Rocked!!" -unknown

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