Re: So what do you think? {Dyarla, Dyrina}


Dyrina turned a bright, inquiring gaze on her younger sister. "Yes, I did hear that." In fact, Dyrina would be surprised had anyone in the Weyr not heard, dragons and weyrfolk being the true gossips at heart that they were. She chuckled. "Upset more than one betting pool from what I've heard."

She arced an inquisitive eyebrow. She had some ideas on where this conversation might be going, but it was better to allow the younger woman to get there at her own pace. "Why do you ask?"

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>>"Hey, Lil' Sis." Dyrina greeted Dyarla cheerful, as she came up beside the younger woman. She seems to have come straight from wing drills, and had her her flight jacket slung casually over one arm, "I got your message. How's candidate life treating you these days? Heard we had quite the clutch on the sands." <<

"Well with a clutch now they'll probably drag me back in to lessons
soon." Dyarla offered not sure how she thought about that part of the
whole thing. She knew the lessons were important and it was why she
learned them, but it was slightly frustrating to have the refreshers
like they had to have because it dragged her away from craft time.
Sure she would prefer being a rider, but well while she was there she
was trying to make the most of it, which she supposed was really her
complaint. "It's a good clutch. I think they will be opening the sands
to everyone soon, but they let most of us in. All the boys got to go
unless they did something stupid. The girls got to go after a talk
with the Weyrwoman, at least some of them did I think some were not
able to go from what I heard." she explained pausing a brief moment
before brining up what she really wanted, well not that she didn't
like talking to her sister just that well this was kind of important
to her "You heard there are two gold eggs?"


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