Re: Just Keep Swimming (ATTN: Yiyu/S'lion)

Jessica Freise

"I'm sorry," Yiyu apologized, one hand on Mertrith. She glanced at the green, her expression reproachful.

"I promise you, there is no treasure out there."

}: Oh. :{

The little green's tone was so crestfallen that Yiyu had to stroke her headknobs in apology.

"We only want our loves safe, right, S'lion?"

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{{Treasure, you say?}} Now the young blue was interested as he peered out past the bronze waiting in the depths to stop them.

S'lion put a stop to that train of thought by reaching up, grasping Tototh's jaw, and pulling him down so that his dragon was looking right at him in surprise. "No." The word was heavy with empathy and command, will oozing out of it so much that Tototh actually sat down in the water with a cheep. "You'll listen now just like you'll listen later. Look at Mandath- do you see him charging in and disobeying?"

{{No,}} Tototh agreed with a glance towards his favorite brother. {{He's trying to organize everyone into ranks to go into the water. Should we join?}}

"We don't have to, no. We're having our lesson with Yiyu and that's fine. We don't always have to listen to Mandath, at least not yet."
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