Re: Clutching Time: attn Nyzara / C'lynx

Jessica Freise

A brilliant smile graced Nyzara's face. She turned towards the sound and scent of C'lynx, reaching out and encountering his arm. Her fingers caressed the warm skin as she nodded.

"We're her audience. Every Queen deserves one, don't you think?"

On Aug 10, 2020, at 5:37 AM, kepheren <kepheren@...> wrote:

He smiled when Nyzara called out to them. It would seem she had known they were coming. Either that or she had heard Brahn's excited chittering echoing down the halls. Which ever was the case he entered and returned her smile in kind. For his part Brahn began circling the room as if checking to make sure it was secure. He was taking his role in all this, such as it was, very seriously.

"So I see that this wasn't all in his imagination," he said, eyes scanning the room as he stepped over to Nyzara's side. "And we are right on time? She doesn't mind us being here?"

C'lynx rather thought she wanted them there and that she had called out to Brahn by the way he was acting but couldn't be entirely sure.

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