Re: Come See the Eggs...If You're a Male Candidate atten: ANY/Asheran/Foreth/Kassia


He relaxed a bit at the other fellows smile. Ronhim still had a bit of social uncertainty but the people at the Weyr were sure friendly and that helped to bring him out of his shell a bit. It felt good to be included in things, like simple conversations. That was something he hadn't experienced much back at the Hold.

"A big blue...or a brown....that would be grand," he said, with a far away, dreamy tone to his voice. "I don't think I would be fit for a bronze...and not sure a green would want to carry my over sized self around."

The last part was said with a chuckle. Though he would adore a green as much as he would any dragon. The complications of having a green though were there in the back of his mind as well. Ronhim had never looked at another man with anything like desire but a dragons needs had to come first he supposed.

"The pebbly one?" he asked, craning his neck to get a look at it. "It's nice enough. Not sure what will come out of it. What about the one with the skull face? What do you think is in there?"

All the while he talked Ronhim tried to remember who this other fellow was and his name. They had been in some classes or some such hadn't they?

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