Re: Come See the Eggs...If You're a Male Candidate atten: ANY/Asheran/Foreth/Kassia

Jenna Cunningham

Asheran caught himself grinning at the other beefy candidate, in a way he hoped was reassuring and inclusive and not intimidating, and glanced back out across the hatching sands again from his perch, eyes trailing to the egg in question.

"At first I thought that's definitely a bronze in there, but... Now I'm wondering if it isn't a big blue. That's happened a couple times. There's an egg everybody bets on being bronze, and out comes this big blue. But who really knows, right?"

He lifted his arm, gesturing toward another egg briefly, blithely unaware that in no time at all he'd be staring at its twin writ in real time across the wall.

"I kinda like that one. Don't care what comes out of it, if it's for me or if it isn't, but I like the look of it."

It, of course, looked like a raw, open wound.

As if realizing this was a weird egg to like the look of, Asheran added belatedly, "And the pebbly one, too. I'd put marks on a brown in there."

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