Re: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others ((Attn: Namieh, Kassia, Any Boys))

Laura Walker

Talith leaned to drop the boy onto the Sands - not especially gently and from a distance of several feet from the ground, but he probably wouldn't break anything. Then he put a foot over him. ((He was trying to escape.))

"Kass!" It turned out that after an actual attack people did start taking safety seriously. At least B'lin did - he'd turned and bolted towards the Sands at Talith's shout of alarm. He arrived a little breathless and very worried. "Are  you all right?"

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Foreth looked around. The Caverns looked clear otherwise except for the boys in the Stands.

((No more,)) she said. She added to Kassia. ((Get them out. All of them!))

Kassia was already on her way in, as was a couple of guards. There were extras there just to be careful. Apparently for this reason. She waved at Talith. "Don't hurt him."


"We'll take him from here, if you put him down," said one of the guards.


Kassia turned to the boys in the Stands. "OUT!" she yelled. "ALL OF YOU! Out or you're banned from the Sands."


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