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As the door clattered open and closed, Nayari inclined her head in polite greeting at the Weyrwoman. Her eyes however, narrowed slightly at the sudden demand, anger she could understand but she still would have expected a little decorum. Instead of interjecting, Nayari turned her attention to Ysolde who had gotten to her feet as the Weyrwoman arrived. The Candidate glanced at Nayari before turning her attention back to the bristling Goldrider.

"I was leaving, ma'am." she said calmly, meeting Kassia's eye. "I apologise if I caused disruption, but I felt it was best that I leave."

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Luckily only a few minutes passed by before the door opened. Or rather was flung open and then shut loudly as the Weyrwoman came in like a whirlwind. She glanced at Nayari, her lips pulling back slightly as she debated whether the Candidate Master would make her life easier or harder. Then she looked back at Ysolde and her gaze was murderous.

"What the feck do you think you were doing in there?" she snapped. She stood still, but there was almost an energy vibrating around her, barely contained.

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