Re: One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others ((Attn: Namieh, Kassia, Any Boys))

Jenna Cunningham

"Well, there's two gold eggs on the sands this Turn, so I'm liking my odds," Asheran had joked to the uncomprehending boy beside him, who had only politely asked 'do you think you'll Impress this clutch?' when he caught a bit of movement out of the corner of his eye. He turned his head to follow the flutter and noticed another of the boys had broken off from the group and was edging toward the hatching sands. It took him half a second to realise what was going on, and then time seemed to slow down all around him. He felt his heart speed up, thudding in his chest, and adrenaline flooded his veins almost before he even realised what he was going to do about what he had just realised was going on. Some stupid, scrawny boy was - despite all the warnings - making a run for the eggs.
"Piss!" Asheran barked out in astonishment, and then he was up and running - jumping, really, going from bleacher to bleacher downwards at a mad sprint, abruptly gratified and a little amazed at how fast he was when it really mattered. All the star jumps and morning jogs, and he had never really had an excuse to flat out run until now. Then again, a face plant would probably kill him.
As the railing loomed up ahead of him, fueled by adrenaline, Asheran leapt - pushed off the railing with his hand, cleared it, and rolled as he hit the sands below, thrown off by the shifting, soft springiness of it. He popped back up to his feet at the end of the roll, though, stumbling from the forward momentum, and threw his arms out for balance.
But the boy had a head start, and distance on him.
Also, what the fuck was he doing? He was on the SANDS now.
"Felix!" He bellowed, and his fat little firelizard 'pinged' into existence above him, jade green wings beating around his head unhelpfully, as much summoned by his bawling shout as his prickling, adrenaline-fueled fear. "Stop that idiot before he gets himself killed!"
But Felix, panicked and confused, only landed on his shoulder, keening in misery, and gripped tight.

"Shards -- you! Stop! You're going to get yourself killed!"

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