One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others ((Attn: Namieh, Kassia, Any Boys))


No one could see the eggs without the Weyrwoman's permission. This meant passing a test if you were a girl, and automatic permission if you were a boy. The Weyrs were just as bad as the Holds, Namieh surmised from her short tenure in Candidacy. Unfairness was something she shouldered in stride, hatching a plan instead of feeling disheartened by the news.

The Candidate uniform didn’t discriminate by gender and she wore it loosely to hide what few curves she did have, pleased by its ghastly distracting colors for the first time since arriving. Tucking light brown hair up under a simple knit cap, Nami pulled out a few curls around her dusky face to give the impression of shorter hair and stole a look at herself in the mirror as she left the cots. This would have to do. 

She joined the gathering of boys eager for their first peek and did her best to blend in, just another face in the sea of hopefuls. Nami had made few friends since arriving and this meant she wouldn’t be quickly recognized as someone out of place. She didn’t speak and kept her eyes down until the group was ushered into the Hatching Caverns, but then the spectacle was too much to resist. 

Rumors that Impression could be influenced by touching eggs, by being near them before Hatching were abound, and she knew what she had to do. While the others were occupied with the speech that preceded their viewing, Nami lingered near the back before sneaking out of the Stands altogether. Down the stairs she went, reemerging on the ground floor and creeping against the near wall to avoid being seen by those above. The Sands were so close she could touch them, so she did. Hot! Shells, she would have one chance to do this and she’d have to be quick to avoid ending up with burned soles. 

Nami broke off across the sand at a sprint, hoping to reach those gleaming golden eggs before their hovering mother noticed her presence. It was a fool’s errand, but she had to try!

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