Re: Is it ok to be happy and sad and mad? {Fellan, E'lis}


E'lis smiled proudly at his eldest son. He really was a remarkable lad. Still, he was prepared to step in if he had to. Not everyone was as willing to accommodate as they ought to have been.
::You can do it,:: he signed. ::But if you need help, you know your
parents are all here for you, and TailorWynn, too.::<<

Fellan nodded quickly ::I know PapaE'lis.:: he promised and he did his
family had all learned a new way to talk just for him after all and
Wynn was learning too. It actually made him feel really wanted. Not
that his family didn't make him feel loved more just that the tailor
had gone out of her way to learn a whole new way to talk just for him.
The thought actually made him feel even worse about everything
actually and he couldn't help frowning at himself and asking for the
who knew number of time ::Papa E'lis am I broken?::. He asked so many
times not all to E'lis, he had probably asked all the adult members of
his extended family at least once, but the problem was there was
always more to the thought that he forgot to ask in this case it was
his feelings about the hatching, but it had been other things before.


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