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"Hey, Lil' Sis." Dyrina greeted Dyarla cheerful, as she came up beside the younger woman. She seems to have come straight from wing drills, and had her her flight jacket slung casually over one arm, "I got your message. How's candidate life treating you these days? Heard we had quite the clutch on the sands." 

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It had been a couple of days now since she had gotten to see the eggs,
and she would admit she was rather glad for it. It had been great to
see the eggs, though the various groups getting to see things at
different times was making it interesting. She just hoped the
Weyrwoman and Foreth would be ok.

Still now that she had actually seen them instead of just hearing
about them it got her to wondering more. She was excited for the
hatching, nervous of what would happen if she was found worth by one
of the golds, and just over all wondering what was going to happen.
She wanted things to hurry and not all at the same time. Still she did
have things she could do while she waited, including see her sister.
She had sent a message with Little Drum arranging a meeting with
Dyrina out by the lake, it had taken a bit of back and forth to find a
good time and place, but she was glad her sister had been able to get
some time.

She still very much admired his big sister, still very much wanted to
be her, but well she also couldn't help wanting more too. That was
what she had wanted talk to her sister about mainly of course, the
gold eggs and what Dyrina thought about her trying for them. So she
found herself by the lake a few minutes before her scheduled time to
meet just watching the water and the dragons in it.

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