Re: Cloud Dancers Wing Assistant Interviews (wL S'ryll, Jerwain)


S'ryll considered the young man and listened. "A caravan hmm? A Northern or Southern caravan?" The kid mentioned Foreth laying her eggs. "You're a Candidate then?" he said, looking down at his notes he was writing. "Did you get the requisite permission from CM Nayari?" <<
Jerwain nodded "Yes sir. We were from the north originally, but came
down south during the dragon plague. We came down here to try and get
away from the plague as much as we could and to try and check on my
half sister Cerina who impressed green Shesadith back during I think
the SunWarrior Clutch. I wasn't here yet so not sure if that was the
actual name or not." he offered.

"Yes, made sure to speak with her and the Tanners. I've been a
candidate since early in the 21st turn and moved into the craft
barracks several turns back after I got all the lessons I needed." he
assure the man.

ooc: Not unless it is small and north; only bits listed are that it is
small and until the dragon plague it was located in the north thank
you though; If that works though sure good fer him to have more family
:) - as for anyone in specific na though he'll probably look at Ziekyn
weird if he happens to ask why she decided /not/ to be a candidate >.>


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