Re: She's Always Like This ((Attn: S'nen, F'nel))


S'nen bristled right back, the ire and the insult to his rank (earned rank, shardit!) making the brownrider puff up, take a half-step forward. "You insolent-" he began, before visibly checking himself. No. He could do nothing to jeopardize his rank- it was too new, and he was still somewhat unknown at the Weyr. Still, his eyes narrowed. "Are you prone to getting into disagreements with your leaders?" he asked instead, his tone utterly mild.

No wonder the man had been sent here, if that was the case. 

((I can see that; you are the most beautiful of greens.)) Sekerth promised, even though the brown's memory was... limited. ((You will be glorious when you fly, and only the strongest shall hope to catch you.)) A brief pause, as he nuzzled her. ((I am as fast as I can be.)) was added, before privately adding, ((Mine! You may approach now!)) 

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