Re: She's Always Like This ((Attn: S'nen, F'nel))


F'nel stared up at the brownrider with eyes slowly widening in a new wave of anger. If there was one surefire way to set his fuse alight, it was to make disparaging comments about his dragon. He climbed quickly to his feet, brushing off his trousers with more force than necessary. "Oh, you think you're so fecking special?" F'nel spat venomously. "Big Wingsecond knots make you think you can just step on everyone beneath you? Shoulda known this place would be no different. You're all the sharding same." S'nen had found a sore spot. 

Lileth let loose a delighted sigh, settling in against the larger male. ((I'm glad you agree. Smart and handsome makes for a good combination in a chaser for when I rise. Are you fast, too? I am not only beautiful, but swift like the wind.)) She spoke matter-of-fact as if she were discussing the weather rather than waxing on vainly. Her rider's frustration made her eyes whirl a green shade as she looked in their direction. ((Uh oh... Mine is mad. Again. He is so tiresome lately.)) Lileth said mildly as if she were not the cause. 

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Sekerth blinked, and then the brown *finally* seemed to clue in, shuffling closer and bending his head, beginning to tend the green- though not before he gave a rumbling croon. ((Of course, lovely green.)) he told her. ((One such as yourself should never lack in attention.)) 

S'nen, irritated by this point at Sekerth's refusal to cooperate, had been moving purposefully in the direction he'd last gotten from the brown, and had nearly reached the opening out onto the Lakeside when another man knocked into him, causing him to stumble and knocking the other to his rump. Any platitude he might have offered was immediately cut short by the other's words, and S'nen instantly drew himself up proudly, looked down at the other rider and didn't bother to offer a hand up. "I suggest you show some respect." he retorted. "You're the one rushing about, not paying attention to their surroundings." A quick glance at the other's knots. "Though I suppose being a green rider is characteristic of that." 

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