Re: First Chance to See the Shiny atten: Andreya/Trifali/Shalia/Kashara/Rassia


When Kassia remained silent for a while, Andreya’s posture didn’t waver or wilt as she waited for Kassia’s response, watching her cousin consider what she’d said. Andreya had made a decision, stated her reasoning in an appropriately polite and respectful voice even as she’d declined the invitation, and intended to stand firm with that decision. 

At Kassia’s nod, Andreya didn’t relax her posture or otherwise react, not even at seeing the unhappy expression that twisted her cousin’s face. She didn’t react as all the Weyrwoman’s words hit her…

Didn’t react to the disappointment of not being able to be Kassia’s assistant for a bit longer until she’d seen the eggs with the other gold-hopefuls, having already considered this and been prepared for it. 

Didn’t react to the Weyrwoman twisting her own words about ‘influencing the eggs’ not being certain to be possible, when there had already been multiple statements made about seeing and touching eggs having an impact on impression (several even made by the Weyrwoman herself over the last few days, even at the beginning of this chat!). 

Didn’t react to the much harsher disappointment of the *punishment* for declining the invitation now by having to wait not just until the other gold-hopeful girls got to see the eggs, but having to wait even *longer* until the eggs were able to be viewed by all the girls! 

As Kassia finished, Andreya was standing just as poised and confident as she had before the Weyrwoman spoke, not giving any sign of the emotions her cousin’s words had caused. Nodding her head a bit, Andreya replied with “I understand, Ma’am, and I’ll wait until it’s all the girls seeing the eggs, not just the gold-hopefuls. I do apologize for not being able to return to assisting you sooner, I was looking forward to being able to return to those duties again even with as limited time as candidates would have, but if the position is still available once I have seen the eggs I would, of course, be glad to resume those duties. Until then, I hope Trifali is able to help you more, in my absence.”

Taking a breath, Andreya finished with a deeper, more respectful, nod to Kassia saying “Again, I do appreciate the opportunity, Ma’am. And, if you wouldn’t mind since I won’t be able to, would you please convey my most heartfelt congratulations to Foreth on her beautiful clutch and her 2 stunning golden daughters, as well as my deepest regret that I’m unable to see her eggs currently.”

On Fri, Aug 7, 2020 at 12:49 PM sailyn2 <empressoftheworld@...> wrote:
Kassia was quiet for a long time as she digested the words. Finally she nodded. "I understand your concerns," she said, her expression twisting to show that she wasn't necessarily happy with them. "If that's what you wish, you can walk away. Part of the reason I wanted you to see them now was that I wanted you to resume your duties with me when you have time. Since you'd rather wait, then I wouldn't want you to risk...influencing the choice, if it's possible. So you don't have to worry about seeing them with the other girls either. You can wait until the Sands are opened to all in a couple of weeks. Understand?"

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