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Ysolde had been half way up the stairs to the second floor of the Barracks when T'rifoshe caught up with her. Ah, there it was. Before she turned to face the man, she took a second to straighten her face. "If it is going to be just yourself and the Weyrwoman present, then I must insist on a neutral representative also being present. Being related to one another means that opinions will be biased." 

Her tone was calm and couldn't remotely be called disrespectful. But there wasn't a chance she was going behind the closed door of an office to stand in front of two people when one would clearly be in favour of her "accuser". No, she wanted her own witness, thank you very much. Someone who didn't have a conflict of interest.

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Kassia's expression turned unfriendly as Ysolde stood and she returned the look the Candidate gave her. Her mouth further twisted as the girl stormed out. She turned and looked at T'rif, one of the ACMs that had attended the meeting to keep order. "Bring her to your office."

T'rifoshe nodded and then followed the Candidate. "Ysolde," he called. "To my office. Now."

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