Re: Browns Are Always Best ((Attn: K'sway, Calyse))


Calyse couldn't help but smile at his chivalry, taking the seat he so considerately offered her. Wet clothes and sand would have meant a layer of mud to clean off later; she appreciated the small gesture. Knowing he was originally Holdborn, she tried to keep her eyes off him politely when he pulled that shirt off, but much like flutterbynights to flame, her gaze continued to return to him. Riders were always so toned by nature of their occupation, who *didn't* like that physique? 

His answer, though, didn't seem to satisfy her. None of the answers ever did. Calyse suspected she would have to experience it herself to truly understand. "Like nothing else," she repeated with a wistful sigh, watching Sixanth approach. "M-My parents always said something similar, but I don't think I can even really *imagine* what it's like. Everyone says something different to start, but in the end, they all say the same thing: th-that they wouldn't give it up for all of Pern. Makes me almost jealous." Her laugh was self-deprecating again, but the smile she wore for the brown was genuine. "What about you, Sixanth? Did you always know who Yours would be?"

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"It'd have to be a pretty big towel if he did." K'sway grinned, splashing onto the shore after her. He tugged off his still somewhat dry shirt, spread it on the ground for her to sit on. 

"I never thought I could Impress, not until there was a Gather and a dragon spoke to me, and then it was the only thing I wanted. But actually having it happen... It's like nothing else. I love Sixanth, and he loves me. I wouldn't trade him for anything."
Sixanth waded closer, the brown rumbling a soft croon, faceted eyes whirling blue.

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