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It had been burning under Ysolde's skin ever since she had heard the whispers flooding the Barracks that the Weyrwoman had summoned the female members of her family, most of which she knew had their own eye on gold for their own little egg-viewing. Before anyone else. The nepotism had made her blood boil because as far as she was concerned, Kassia had hung a banner that practically screamed "I know who I want to Impress MY dragon's gold eggs. Anyone else need not apply." Separate all the female Candidates known to have their eye on one thing? Sure, she could get behind that. But instead the clearly not good enough "everyone else" had been left on the sidelines waiting to be tossed a bone. 

When a summons for the female candidates had come, Ysolde had viewed it with suspicion. In all honesty, she half expected it to be an announcement that none of the other females were permitted to so much as even be too close to the Hatching Caverns. Unless of course you were related. Then she was sure it would be fine. Her face was set in stony severity as she filed in, carefully placing herself close enough to be able to hear. Gancing around her, Ysolde realised that she was surrounded by a sea of happy, expectant faces and for a second, wished she could be one of them. But at the same time, she just couldn't shake the feeling that they were viewing this whole charade through rose tinted lenses. That or had had the wool well and truly pulled over their eyes. Initially a brow had cocked into an inquisitive arch as Kassia talked about having already spoken to some females and immediately her eyes had darted around the room as if she could tell by their hair, their expression, their... something! Anything! Because she didn't think she'd missed any sort of similar request herself, nor any tap on the shoulders. The knife twisted a little more and the surprise was replaced by cool neutrality.

And then, Kassia continued talking and it was all Ysolde could do not for her eyes to fall out of her head in sheer, unadulterated disbelief at what she was hearing. Was this some sort of game that the woman was getting some sort of bizarre pleasure out of? Now telling Candidates that they had to jump through some assorted hoops of whatever ludicrous whim had taken her that morning? Ysolde was finding it harder and harder to believe that this was based entirely on the requests of her dragon and was leaning more and more to it being some sort of diversionary tactic to stack the deck in her family's favour - ensuring that "one of her own" exceeded the odds and walked away with a gold at their side. 

For several long seconds she was frozen in place. Everything seemed to have slowed down. Even Kassia's voice seemed distorted and unusual as she asked if they had any questions. Then something happened that anyone who knew how much Ysolde wanted to Impress gold possibly would never have expected. There was a loud and disconcerting groan as the legs of her chair grated along the floor as it was pushed back abruptly and without a word, Ysolde stood up. 

As if maybe she wanted to say something, she stayed there several seconds, looking at Kassia with an expression that was devoid of joy, devoid of hopeful expectation and was instead controlled with cold anger. And suddenly, without another word, she picked up her scrolls, turned on her heel and walked out, the clatter of the door returning to its closed state behind her the only announcement that anything had happened at all.

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When it came to the girls, Kassia wanted to handle them herself. She'd been doing that for days now, just not on a large scale. She called all the girls together and made sure messages would be sent to any that couldn't be there. Once she had their attention, she said:


"Good morning, girls. I know you're all eager to see the eggs. Particularly two very special eggs. And I want to get you that chance." She paused to look around before continuing. "Unfortunately I have Foreth who has her own opinions. So we've come to a solution. Only those of you who talk to me first and that I am comfortable with sending along will get to see the eggs now. The rest can wait until the Caverns are open to every Candidate in about a week. Some of you I've already had a chance to talk to me and unless I've said that you have to wait, you have passed. I have your names on a list already. Everyone else will have a chance to talk to me in the next day or two and get approved. Once that happens you can set up a time to go see the eggs and Foreth. Like the boys you're going to want to behave and not make Foreth angry. Any questions?"

OOC: In order for your female Candie to see the eggs now, you need to play out the meeting with Kassia or talk to me on discord (sailyn3) to make sure that Kassia approves. After that your girls can go in one or two's to see the eggs. Foreth will be watching and may interact with your Character if you play out seeing the eggs. If you don't want to play out the meeting or have some reason you want Kassia to have rejected your girl, don't worry. Everyone will get open access to the eggs in a sevenday.

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