Did You Pass the Test to See the Eggs? Atten: ALL FEMALE CANDIDATES/ALL/Foreth/Kassia


When it came to the girls, Kassia wanted to handle them herself. She'd been doing that for days now, just not on a large scale. She called all the girls together and made sure messages would be sent to any that couldn't be there. Once she had their attention, she said:


"Good morning, girls. I know you're all eager to see the eggs. Particularly two very special eggs. And I want to get you that chance." She paused to look around before continuing. "Unfortunately I have Foreth who has her own opinions. So we've come to a solution. Only those of you who talk to me first and that I am comfortable with sending along will get to see the eggs now. The rest can wait until the Caverns are open to every Candidate in about a week. Some of you I've already had a chance to talk to me and unless I've said that you have to wait, you have passed. I have your names on a list already. Everyone else will have a chance to talk to me in the next day or two and get approved. Once that happens you can set up a time to go see the eggs and Foreth. Like the boys you're going to want to behave and not make Foreth angry. Any questions?"

OOC: In order for your female Candie to see the eggs now, you need to play out the meeting with Kassia or talk to me on discord (sailyn3) to make sure that Kassia approves. After that your girls can go in one or two's to see the eggs. Foreth will be watching and may interact with your Character if you play out seeing the eggs. If you don't want to play out the meeting or have some reason you want Kassia to have rejected your girl, don't worry. Everyone will get open access to the eggs in a sevenday.

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