Re: Opportune Conversations Over the Buffet Table ((Attn: Ko'ssen, Valesa))


Watching the young woman as she slid into the offered seat across from him, when she just started talking without taking the opening he'd left to introduce herself it actually took a second for Ko'ssen to catch up with her unexpected words. 

So, as she rambled before that first breath, Ko'ssen just blinked at her as he tried to listen, probably looking a little more awkward than he had before she had started speaking. 

When she finished the rush with asking about becoming an assistant weyrlingmaster, Ko'ssen sat there for a moment looking her over as he worked through everything she's said in such a rush. She looked young...much younger than any of his current AWLMs, but he wasn't sure how old she really was, and realistically she *could* have impressed very early as a candidate and so could have more years as a rider than he thought, so age wasn't necessarily an issue. 

However, instead of answering her initial question Ko'ssen held his hand out to her and said with a friendly smile "With such a large clutch on the Sands, I appreciate your interest in becoming an assistant weyrlingmaster and we can certainly talk about that. However, I apologize Miss. You know who I am, but I've not had the pleasure of meeting you before. Please, call me Ko'ssen. Even now it's still a little odd to just be called 'Weyrlingmaster.'"

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That was all she needed, just a way in. Without hesitation she slid into the seat across from him.

"I've been thinking...I need more to do. And even though my training has been mostly Healer, and some meal preparations, I'd rather be out and about with the dragons. Impressing Elioth changed my life--for the better, of course--but I've noticed that not everyone feels that way at first. Sure, they love their dragons, but it's a huge change, even though the Candidatemasters warn us about that change."

She stopped to take a breath, then chuckled. "Usually the most hardheaded ones are the ones Impressed. Probably because they have the mental strength to handle a dragon. So, I was wondering, what would it take to be an assistant weyrlingmaster?"

{{A bit rushed, but not bad.}}

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Sitting there at an out of the way table in the Dining Hall instead of his office, Ko’ssen was actually very surprised that he’d managed *nearly* a full meal without interruption. He was just finishing up the last of the roast herdbeast and steamed tubers when he heard a respectful voice asking after him. 


Pulling his head up, focusing not on the plates in front of him but on the tall, pretty, young woman, a greenrider based on her knots, who had approached the table he was sitting at, Ko’ssen straightened up even as he raised a napkin to wipe off his hands and then wipe at his mouth. It only took a moment cleaning up before he was saying politely as he gave a wave of his hand in silent invitation toward the seat across from him “Yes. How can I help you, Miss..?”

((OOC: Apologies for how short this reply is! Ko'ssen surprised by a random greenrider approaching him and has no idea why she sought him out. Which was the plan. *grins*))


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Lately Valesa had been wanting more. More what, she didn't know. While it didn't bring her down, she hadn't been quite as bubbly as normal. 

Maybe it was the eggs on the Sands. Ever Hatching, she remembered hers, where the earth moved, and all the dragons hatched at once. It was scary, but it was wonderful, with Elioth becoming hers. And maybe that was the thing: she wanted others to feel about their dragons the way she felt about hers.

{{Awww. You really like me,}} Elioth said, humor threaded through the words.

[[Well, yeah. It's been too quiet lately. I want to do something.]]

{{There are eggs on the Sands, and a Weyrlingmaster in the dining hall.}}

[[I'm too young. They won't take me seriously.]]

{{We've been together five Turns. Plenty of time to learn how to teach someone. Go. Zelenth's is in there.}}

That was an idea. While she'd rather talk to an assistant, talking to Ko'ssen would speed things up--for good or bad.

He was at an out of the way table. Perfect. She waited until he was almost done before walking up to him.

"Weyrlingmaster?" she said. Not exactly shyly; she wasn't a shy person. But with the right amount of respect.

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It seemed...almost planned that Ko'ssen would run out of klah in his small office klah-pot right around the same time that his stomach rumbled, letting him know that he'd spent *much* too long in the office today. He'd had breakfast, but he'd been so focused he'd worked through lunch and now it was toward the end of dinner time when he unburied himself from his work enough to focus on the world around him. He slowly stretched in his chair, back popping as tense muscles and joints were pulled, and let out a yawn so wide his jaw sounded like it creaked. As he straightened up and let out a sigh of relief at the stretch, Ko'ssen decided he needed to follow his stomach's instructions and go and get some dinner. Then he'd be able to keep working. 

So, with the decision made, Ko'ssen quickly made his way out of the barracks and over to the dining hall. He headed through the large cavernous room to the buffet tables set up for dinner and, having skipped lunch, filled a plate with not just some meatrolls but a thick slab of roast herdbeast, some steamed mixed veggies, and a couple of fresh bread rolls. He'd even scooped into a bowl some thick meat and tuber stew. With that, he left the buffet table and headed to one of the small, back out of the way tables. On his way to the table he'd spotted, he asked one of the passing kitchen staff if they could please bring a small pitcher of chilled juice and a mug to his table, which earned the WLM a brisk nod. 

With that, Ko'ssen reached the table and before he could even tuck into his food the juice he'd asked for had arrived, which he thanked them for. Pouring himself a mug from the provided pitcher, he took a sip of the cold juice, letting it refresh him a bit in the heat, before setting the plate to one side and beginning on his bowl of stew. 


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