Re: Gather: Tailor Stall (Attn: Bronwynn, Z'rain)


As her brother said it was *more* than one, Bronwynn's eyebrows rose slightly in surprise but the grin that spread on her face showed she was happy that *he* was happy. She took in his blush and tried to give him a look reassuring him that she wasn't judging him. 

As he finished, Wynn nodded her head saying "Z'rain, really it's ok. I understand. I'm just glad you're happy finally, and you should hold onto that happiness. I just hope I can finally hear about them while we are catching up today." As she finished, Wynn smiled to show she really was ok, as even though she'd been hoping he'd eventually move here with her she did understand. 

With his last words, Wynn put a hand on his arm saying happily "Alright, then let's get looking!" as she turned slightly and waved with a hand at her booth with it's makeshift portable racks of hanging clothes. 

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As he smiled to reassure her, and said that he really was doing good Wynn couldn't quite keep the slightly skeptical and concerned look off her face completely. Still, she let him believe she was reassured, for the moment, and nodded as she responded with "Well, it doesn't all just fall on you to visit. I could work on visiting Igen more with Wysin, and I'm sorry I haven't. I really should visit you more there, see what or *who* keeps you living there." As she said the 'who', Wynn couldn't help the small grin she gave her brother, even as the grin showed there were truly no hard feelings that he'd chosen not to move to Arolos and be closer to her.

After that grin, she continued with "But seeing you more, whether here or at Igen, wouldn't go amiss. Otherwise, Wysin might suddenly be 12 turns old and doing...who knows what craft or life path after the creche!" With that last bit, Wynn let a bit more of the previous mock horror leak into her voice at imagining her little boy being 12 turns old!

"More than one who, actually," said Z'rain. He blushed. Even after all these Turns, there was still enough Fort in him that it was difficult to talk about things that would have seen him beaten or worse there. Things that made him happy. "If it were only one, it might be easier to convince them to move, but... they've all got family at Igen, too, so... you understand. I hope."

"Anyway, I would absolutely love to try on something new."

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