Re: Lakeside to the Danger Zone ((Attn: Marsali, Rosk))


Marsali was just thinking that maybe she had arrived *too* early because she hadn't yet seen the bluerider she was supposed to assist when Rosk greeted her and waved. There was a brief hesitation in her movements as a slightly embarrassed look crossed her face when she abruptly realized that the rider her eyes had scanned over a couple of times while looking for Rosk *was* infact Rosk himself! It was quite a different experience looking for someone that you'd only ever seen fully clothed and then realizing you'd not recognized him because of them being *only* in a pair of swimming shorts. 

The hesitation was small though as she quickly recovered from the initial embarrassment she'd felt and walked with purpose (despite only being 5ft even and not having long stride-eating legs) toward Rosk and his blue. Noticing that the blue lifted his paw and gave her a wave as well as the mental greeting suddenly filling her head, Marsali waved first to Fephumith saying in polite greeting "Hello, handsome Fephumith."

Then she turned to really look at the bluerider with a smile and a wave saying "Fair skies, Bluerider Rosk." As she reached him, standing there in front of him entirely unconcerned with what she was wearing (or more specifically, entirely unaware of just how beautiful she was), and looked up into his striking blue eyes Marsali's brain finally caught up to what exactly her *eyes* were seeing when she looked at him...

And once her brain caught up, her own blue-grey eyes flicked away from his face as they ran down his body again, taking in the muscles that had always before been covered by a shirt. And the only thought that she was able to form was 'Wowza!' as her cheeks flamed bright red. And then she was immediately totally *mortified* by the fact that she was blushing so deep that she could actually feel it and she whipped her eyes back up to his face as she straightened her shoulders. 

Thinking the best thing to do was to just ignore and power through the totally embarrassing reaction she'd had, Marsali swallowed hard and said with just a bit of a stumble (which she *hated*) "I-I hope you and your lifemate have had a good day so far, Sir. I'm ready whenever you are to assist with washing Fephumith."

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So, arriving at the lake a bit early, Marsali began to look for Rosk and his blue, remembering the blond-haired rider from the times she'd seen him and briefly interacted with him at the beastcrafter's area. 

Rosk had seen the girl, Marsali, maybe dozens of times. He liked to spend his free time helping out at the kennels when he could, and being near the beastcrafters, he often crossed paths with the Candidates who helped there, even the ones who helped at the stables. Like Marsali.

And he had never gotten up the courage to do more than smile, wave, or say hello. Fephumith had not exactly suggested that he ask for her to be assigned to help wash him. But he had been telling himself a story lately about a runner-riding, fair-haired maiden, and eventually, his story took a turn to that maiden giving him a bath.

Rosk felt a little guilty for having asked. Like he was pushing the boundaries of abusing his position. But when he saw Marsali looking for him at the lake, he smiled, and his guilt melted away. She was so beautiful.

"Hello," he greeted her with a wave. He, too, wore his swimsuit. Fephumith lifted a paw and wiggled his claws at her.

((Hum bum bumpadum...)) he mused to her as a greeting.

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