Re: Hope and Fear (ATTN: Trifali/Kassia)

Jessica Freise

"It isn't failing to not Impress a Queen," Fali said slowly, thoughtfully, chewing her bottom lip in a nervous manner she thought she'd long abandoned, "to Impress a dragon at all is special. And, honestly, I've also had to come to terms with the fact that I might not Impress at *all*. At this hatching, I mean."

She looked t Kassia for a long momen, her face a study of emotions. "And saying all that, I'm aware that I will still hold out hope until the hatching is over and I'm left standing. Hope and fear seem to go hand in hand, don't they?

On Aug 4, 2020, at 11:18 AM, sailyn2 <empressoftheworld@...> wrote:

"A lot of girls start out thinking that way," Kassia said. "They see a shiny dragon and someone who gets special treatment, but fail to understand why they get that special treatment and whatever other things they have to deal with. I don't look down on girls who feel that way, but I do on those who don't learn the realities or refuse to accept them. From the moment of Impression, a goldrider has more responsibility than they ever dreamed of. I want all the girls to try to understand this, but not get scared off so they have problems if they do Impress."

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