Re: Cloud Dancers Wing Assistant Interviews (wL S'ryll, Qabil)


S'ryll head the knock, his next interview no doubt. He looked up from his notes, called for the person to enter, and slowly appraised the individual coming in. This one was an older woman -- not old, but older than him -- dressed in decent clothing, albeit wrinkled. Based upon her dress and lack of wingknots, combined with her age, she must be a Weyrworker. Which was interesting because she had a bronze flitter curled around her neck. How had a Weyrworker gotten a bronze egg? There was likely a story in there, given bronze flits weren't easy to come by or cheap.
"Good day to you. I'm wingleader S'ryll of Bronze Vastolth."
Vastolth was sleeping right now, disinterested in these boring
interviews when none of the people were about to bathe him. "Please
have a seat," he said, indicating a chair in front of his desk. "Tell
me your name and why you're applying to be my assistant," he said, not
wasting time with pleasantries when he had so many to get through.<<

"Hello sir." Qabil offered words slightly slow even on just a
greeting, like she had to think about them a bit or they were
carefully chosen. She settled in the offered chair Quite not even
shifting showing just how long she had had him that they were well
used to how each other moved. "My name is Qabil." She introduced as
she considered the actual reason "I always wanted to learn a craft
when I was younger, but no one would let me apprentice or teach me. I
work with the laundry mostly now, but I like to do other things and
can do other things. Was even a live in nanny for G'rod when he was a
wingsecond to watch his son Ghyan. Also since I only work in the
laundry there is no other craft or classes or anything I have to
attend so would have extra time to commit if ever needed."


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