Lakeside to the Danger Zone ((Attn: Marsali, Rosk))


One morning, not long after the twin golden eggs were Clutched, before heading to her morning chores, Marsali was pulled aside by one of the candidatemasters and told that for her afternoon chores after lunch she was assigned to report to the lake to assist with bathing Bluerider Rosk's Fephumith. She'd thanked the candidatemaster for the heads up, so that she could be prepared and wearing either clothes she didn't mind getting wet/smeared with oil, or be in her swimsuit, and quickly headed off to her morning chores. 

The hours quickly passed, as they do for candidates who are *so* busy after a Clutching with additional lessons and activities, and soon it was after lunch. Marsali, in order to prepare for her afternoon chores, had taken the time before lunch to braid her hair up out of the way and get changed into her swimsuit (a solid blue 2 piece halter top bikini-style outfit that tied behind her neck) and then put a light, nearly sheer wrap tied low around her hips. She'd taken care to eat a light lunch that wouldn't sit too heavy on her stomach, and then headed out of the Dining Hall a little early, carrying her towel and with her sandals making a small 'flapping' sound against the stone as she walked. She hoped that she'd have time to get back to the barracks a little bit before the afternoon lessons to be able to change back into her candidate uniform. 

So, arriving at the lake a bit early, Marsali began to look for Rosk and his blue, remembering the blond-haired rider from the times she'd seen him and briefly interacted with him at the beastcrafter's area. 


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