Re: Lunch For Two! (atten: Ko'ssen)


The slightly scuffed 'kicking' knock that was made on his door, followed by the called out words, pulled Ko'ssen out of what he'd been writing and up out of his chair immediately despite the surprise of the visit *and* lunch delivery. Calling out "I'm coming to get the door!" as he made his way quickly around the desk, in a few quick steps Ko'ssen was swinging open the door. Even though surprise was clear on his face, Ko'ssen smiled welcomingly at the AWLM as soon as the door swung open, but upon seeing AWLM J'zat holding two trays of food Ko'ssen quickly offered "Here, let me take one of those from you!" as he reached out to take one, if the AWLM let him. 

He also stepped aside, giving J'zat space with the trays to walk into the room as he said "Thank you for bringing lunch, AWLM J'zat. I didn't realize it was mid-day already." With a glance from his hide-shrewn desk to the couch with it's low coffee table, Ko'ssen still figured the desk would be better and offered. "Give me a second to clear some space and we can eat at the desk."


On Mon, Aug 3, 2020 at 12:09 AM Steelsilver <theglitteryone2@...> wrote:
Meisteth was sunning himself on the ledge nearest to where he knew his rider, half an eye on the Weyrlings just in case, but the rest of his attention firmly on his rider. ((You know he might be busy.)) The blue commented, as J'zat did his best to balance two trays. 

"Yes, I know." 

((You know he might have already eaten.)) 

"Then you and Rizo get a little bit extra food, don't ya?" 

((You know-)) "I know a lotta stuff, Meisteth, it's fine. Go flirt with a green or something, Faranth!" 

Arriving at the Weyrling Master's door, hands full, J'zat kicked lightly at it instead. "AWLM J'zat here with lunch sir!"

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