Re: Clutching Time: attn Nyzara / C'lynx

Jessica Freise

Nyzara was in her office. Not for work, but because Tyne's advice had prooven true: the gold had come to recognize the small corner allotted to her nest as *her* safe place. When she had first stirred on Nyzara's desk, the Mindhealer had started, lost in her own thoughts.

There was a low grunt from the gravid Queen and then a demanding muzzle in her face. She felt her heartbeat pick up and her lips curve as the Queen let her "see" eggs and a familiar bronze and man.

"Come here, sweetheart, we'll get you settled and ready to clutch. I'm right here," she crooned, lifing the gold and moving towards the area she'd set up for her even as a knock sounded on her door.

"Come in, C'lynx," she called, grinning hugely in what she hoped was his direction as she heard Brahn chitter and Flare chatter back.

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The day after flying thread was always something of a treat for C'lynx.  First off there was the simple joy of still being alive and not injured all to hell and back in the infirmary. Having had that experience a couple of times made the young bronze rider appreciate life all the more. Then there was the fact that the day after was generally a rest day and he could always appreciate that. Today didn't seem to be any different so he was settling in with the intent of doing absolutely nothing for awhile and just decompress. Brahn however had other ideas. The little bronze suddenly perked up from where he was dozing and began darting all over their weyr having a fit about something.

"What's gotten into you?" he asked, a bit irritated and more than a little puzzled.

In response he got an earful of chatter, several mental images of Flare and Nyzara and then the little bronze was out the door in a flash with an urgent demand that he be followed. C'lynx watched the receding image for a moment before giving chase. Maybe it was time for the gold flit to clutch? That would make sense. And he did want to see Nyzara again. Without a second thought he hopped up and went to follow. If nothing else he couldn't let Brahn run loose when he was in a mood like that. No telling what mischief he would start.

"Slow down you little trouble maker. I'm right behind you."

And so they were off to goodness only knew where hoping that Brahn had a better idea than his human pet did.

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