We *Are* Family! (Pt. 4) ((JP: Andreya, Shalia))


Shalia giggled as she passed a towel.  Like human, like flit, sometimes!  "Then you should probably clean her first and let her get her beauty sleep.  Not that she needs the beauty part of it, of course!" she added, smiling at the pretty little green.  "Want me to take him so you can get up?" she asked, readying a couple more towels for the flits once Andreya got her hands more or less clean, suspecting neither Candidate nor green would want to use a dirty towel for that.  The bronze might not care (especially now that he was unconscious), but the girl still would.


Andreya dipped her head in thanks for the towel as she wiped her hands off thoroughly replying in agreement with a smile “Yes, that makes the most sense.” Andreya’s eyes moved to the green when, in response to Shalia’s compliment, the sleepy green gave an adorable, drowsy croon of happiness to Shalia. Then the green *sharing* that happiness to both Andreya and Shalia with an image of how the green envisioned her ‘grand entrance’ *should* have gone, with the almost white, pale green looking completely perfectly clean as she preened with wings spread as the top of the egg shell had been removed (instead of covered in egg-yuck and sand) and the praise she’d believed she’d have gotten at her planned entrance. 

Andreya, feeling an undercurrent of sadness from her green that her entrance hadn’t been like that, was quick to reassure the green with “You still made an impression on us, you pretty girl!” As she reassured her green Andreya used the same towel she’d used on her hands to attempt to get the worst of the yuck off her skirt, she didn’t want anything falling off her skirt when she stood up, after all. 

At Shalia’s question, seeing the other girl preparing other towels, Andreya investigated her bond with the bronze to see *how* deep asleep he was to make sure he might not wake up if Shalia picked him up, not wanting him to bite Shalia or something if he *did* wake up and was unhappy. At feeling that he was well and truly unconscious, Andreya grinned at Shalia saying “Yes, that would be great. He’s totally out, as far as I can feel.”

Taking one of the towels from Shalia, Andreya carefully wrapped up the limp bronze in the towel before holding him up for Shalia to take. The bronze, while he was getting shifted around, was totally dead to the world and didn’t make even a small noise of complaint at the movement.


Shalia blinked at the shared image, not in the slightest expecting it, but hastened to add her reassurances.  "Yes, you did… although more of an Impression on Andreya," she couldn't help adding with a chuckle.  "How 'bout if we tell everyone that's what happened, little one?" she suggested.

"Great," she responded to Andreya while getting back up to her feet while the other girl bundled the bronze up.  She draped a towel for the green on Andreya's shoulder, then squatted down and reached for the bundle, carefully holding him close as she rose once more, making sure not to jostle him just in case he wasn't quite as dead to the world as he appeared.  "Will you be able to stand up with her?"


Her own soft laugh followed Shalia’s comment as Andreya looked lovingly down at her green. At Shalia’s suggestion, the green tilted her head to the side, clearly considering the idea, before she gave a dip of her head and a soft chirp of agreement. As far as the green was concerned now, with the agreement between the three of them (ignoring the fact that *that bronze* had clearly seen what her entrance had really been like), that *was* how things had happened.

Andreya felt the towel Shalia laid on her shoulder after the shorter girl stood up while the harper-candidate worked to bundle up the bronze carefully. Passing over the larger, towel-wrapped bronze bundle so very carefully when Shalia squatted down for him, Andreya waited until the other girl had stood smoothly back up before daring to move. 

At Shalia’s question, after feeling that the bronze was still deep asleep, Andreya glanced down at the tiny green sitting up on her leg and nodded saying “Yeah, I should be fine with just her.” With that, Andreya took the towel and instead of laying it down on her skirt, which was still a bit gross despite her attempts, Andreya asked the green politely “May I?” At the green’s chip of agreement, Andreya carefully bundled the green flit in the clean towel, positioning the green so she’s still be able to see out, and then after a moment Andreya adjusted her hold on the tiny green and slowly began to get up off the floor, glad that her feet hadn’t fallen asleep sitting there. 

Standing upright, holding the green close to her, Andreya glanced around at all the things she had laying around...the pots with their shell pieces, her study materials laid out on the stable by the couch, and finally the bag full of ‘flit materials’ that she’d gathered together. Finally she looked at Shalia holding the sleeping bronze and said consideringly “Well, I suppose we really only need to bring the ‘flit materials’ bag with us...the rest should be fine here until we return.”


Shalia laughed at the green, gently though, like they were sharing a joke.  "That's how it happened then," she affirmed.  "Nobody will ever hear otherwise from me!"

The petite redhead cuddled the sleeping bronze, rocking him and crooning gently, much like she would for one of her babies, figuring that there wasn't that much difference between them right now… although she wasn't about to offer to feed this particular baby!  Shalia mostly held him in one arm, ready to reach out to steady Andreya if needed (sitting on a stone floor was a good way to put limbs to sleep, after all!) but her assistance wasn't required. 

She nodded her agreement at the other girl's comment.  "Yeah, doubt anybody will touch things.  Want him back, and I'll grab the bag?"


Andreya grinned at Shalia’s words, but added her own affirmation of ‘the story’ to the green saying “Nor from me!” The green, satisfied with both their replies, gave a happy croon as she settled more comfortably into the towel Andreya had wrapped around her. 

At Shalia’s agreement and then question, Andreya nodded saying “Yes, that works.” Carefully shifting the green around to be cradled close to her body with one arm so that the other was free to carry the bronze, Andreya stepped closer to the shorter candidate and posed herself for the flit handoff.


Shalia stepped close, being careful not to get egg goo from Andreya's clothes onto her uniform, and passed him over, making sure the other girl had a good hold before pulling her own arms away. "There you go, little guy, back to your person," she murmured, giving the bundle a little pat before offering a headscritch to the sleepy green.

Having given the newborn flit her due, Shalia grabbed the bag and headed towards the nearest bathing pool.  "C'mon, the sooner she's properly clean, the sooner she can join her brother in a nap."

Once there, she wasted no time setting the bag down and getting the supplies out.  "Mmm, should be enough," she decided after considering them for a moment, then started undoing the laces of her corset.


Andreya, as Shalia stepped closer, was also careful not to shift too much and get the other girl dirty. Carefully taking the bronze and towel bundle from Shalia and holding him close to her, feeling the pair of flits in her arms, Andreya looked down between them for a moment admiring them and loving them both (even the bronze who had shown just how much trouble he would be) already. As she settled the bronze against her, Andreya smiled down at the male flit and crooned to the baby “You’re so adorable when you’re sleeping, handsome.”

When Shalia reached over to scratch the sleepy green’s head, the flit arched her head into the scritches and gave a soft, happy rumble as her eyes half-closed in pleasure. Then watching as Shalia grabbed up the bag, Andreya quickly managed to get her heels on enough to walk in them, knowing she’d need to be careful of the ribbons with her not taking the time to get those tied up her ankle. Andreya nodded silently in agreement feeling how much of a struggle it was for the green to be keeping herself awake and  followed Shalia making every effort to keep her movements smooth and even. 

Reaching the bathing pool, waiting as Shalia settled the bag down and began to empty things out of it, as the other girl confirmed that there should be enough there Andreya let out a relieved breath saying softly “Wonderful!” As Shalia began to undo her corset laces, Andreya walked over and bent to set the bronze on a bench by the wall. Once that arm was free, she reassured the green “We’ll get you clean very soon, bright eyes. We’re just about to head into the pool.” With that, she placed the green on the bench next to the sleeping bronze and began to undo her own corset too. The corset hadn’t gotten *quite* as gross as her skirt, but it would still need to be laundered before it could be worn again.


Shalia quickly stripped out of her clothes, leaving them in a neat (for her, at least; Andreya may have thought otherwise) pile on another bench.  She showed as little concern as ever in getting naked in front of Andreya, though she was wondering how the other girl would feel, given their newfound cousinship. 

She arranged the supplies near the edge of the pool, grabbing a few towels and placing them nearby, so they could dry off the flits before oiling them.  This done, she slipped into the pool with a contented sigh, taking a moment to just relax in the warm water.


Getting out of the corset quickly and, purely out of habit, folding it nicely on the bench before even thinking about it, Andreya removed her heels being careful not to touch them with her hands and then unbuttoned the skirt in the back and let it fall to the floor. Moving the skirt with her foot, making sure the gross fabric did *not* touch her shoes, Andreya left the skirt in a pile on the floor by the bench. Now in just the light, flowing white shirt, breast band, and panties, Andreya carefully scooped up first the green and then the bronze in each arm with their towels. 

Turning toward the pool, Andreya bent down and laid the bronze in his towel nest next to the materials at the edge of the pool, letting the bronze sleep while taking care of the green who was still struggling masterfully to stay awake. Not even bothering to unwrap the towel from the green, Andreya walked into the bath pool with the green, letting out a pleased sigh as the warm water lapped over her feet. As she joined Shalia in the pool, she was careful to let her eyes just glance over the other girl’s nakedness without really seeing, this was her near-cousin now, after all.

As she got deeper in the water and the light, flowy white shirt she’d previously been wearing under the corset got soaked, it ended up not only plastering itself to Andreya’s body, but the material itself went fairly see-through from the water showing everything underneath the fabric. But Andreya’s focus wasn’t on herself but on getting both the flits properly cleaned and oiled. 

Giving a small flip of her head to settle her sideways braid, the longer part which was now wet, against her back instead of tickling her collarbone, Andreya finally lowered the green wrapped in it’s towel (which she’d been holding up enough to keep clear of the water) into the water. The green gave a sleepy trill of happiness at the feel of the warm water soaking into the towel, and Andreya walked over to the edge with their materials were and after unwrapping the green finally, carefully holding her close, Andreya put the soaked, dirty towel on the edge of the bath pool. 


Shalia chuckled softly to herself upon realizing the other girl was planning on staying mostly dressed, although she figured it was as much to get the flits clean as soon as possible as a sudden attack  of shyness around her new near-cousin who'd expressed clear signs of attraction towards her.  Not that staying clothed really did any good if that had been a consideration! 

"I think she likes that," she commented with a grin at the green's happy sound.  Shalia moved up next to the pair, ready to hand Andreya supplies as needed.


Turning back to Shalia, now with just the green flit in her arms without the towel, at the other girl’s comment Andreya nodded saying “Yes, she does. I can feel how happy it’s making her.” Supporting the green flit so that she was almost entirely underwater (except her head) Andreya carefully splashed some water over the green’s head after giving her a mental warning, which the green responded to with a sleepy chirp. With the green totally wetted down now, Andreya then lifted her and, using the soapsand Shalia handed her (with a “Thank you!” to the other girl), began to scrub the tiny green down. She was thorough, washing each expanse of hide and each of the flit’s joints as she gave the green first one scrub all over and then a rinse before getting a bit more soapsand and giving the tiny green flit another whole thorough scrub down. Even still, a double wash and rinse of the so tiny newborn green didn’t take *too* long comparatively. 

Still, by the time she was finished and the green herself actually *felt* clean, she was nearly comatose in Andreya’s arms, unable to force herself to stay awake after that first scrub which had gotten all the initial egg-yuck and sand off of her. Smiling down at the sleeping green, Andreya glanced up at Shalia saying in an amused whisper “Well, she put up a good fight to stay awake actually. What do you think?”


"She's even prettier all cleaned off," Shalia said admiringly after the first scrub and rinse. The green's proportions had been fairly obvious, but the coloring was far more obvious now.  "I don't think I've ever seen a green this pale before!"  Well, not since those parasites, at least, but her brother was clearly not pale, so she wasn't worried about a resurgence of them; the little flit was apparently just naturally a very pale green.

Shalia giggled in response to Andreya's question. "Yeah, she did.  Stubborn little thing."  There was admiration in her voice, though, not any kind of condemnation.  She could respect someone wanting to enjoy a good bath!  She passed a towel to Andreya to dry the flit off.  "You should probably oil her on one of the benches," she suggested.  Not that she really thought the other girl needed the suggestion, but it was good to be sure.


At Shalia’s compliment of the green, Andreya actually took a moment to pull her out of the focus of ‘get flit clean!’ to really *look* at the flit. And when she did, her breath caught in her throat a moment as she stared down at the nearly white flit in her hands. She’d never seen a green flit *this* pale as to look white in some places. And, beyond her color the shape of the newborn flit was so delicate and lithe...and with the just slight brush of only slightly darker pale, mint green on her cheeks and her eyes and a few other places...this green looked absolutely gorgeous! Finally pulling in a breath, Andreya replied with “She’s stunning! So beautiful. And I’ve never seen one this pale either, but it works for her. She’s going to stand out and catch people’s attention, that’s for sure. But I’m sure she’ll love that, based on how she’s behaved already.”

Moving to slightly more shallow water, Andreya took the towel and began to carefully dry off the green flit. At Shalia’s suggestion, Andreya glanced between the green flit who was, at least, now clean and the bronze who still needed its bath. Trying to decide if she should go right to oiling the green or if she should bathe the bronze first before then moving to the bench to oil both flits back to back, Andreya finally asked “Think, if I let her lay curled up on her towel at the edge of the pool...that it would be ok if I got him bathed before we oiled both flits? Or, should I get right to oiling her as soon as she’s dried off?”


"Yeah, she doesn't seem like a wallflower to me," Shalia agreed with a chuckle.

"Oil her first," she responded to the other girl's question without hesitation.  "It's kinda odd, but washing actually dries out their hide.  When she's full-grown you'll be able to get away with some time between washing and oiling, but not this age.  He'll be better with the egg goo than she will without the oiling."  Of course, technically speaking, she could probably either wash the bronze or oil the green, now that they were both Impressed and asleep, but she thought it was important for Andreya to do it for the first time.


Andreya nodded in fervent agreement to Shalia’s wallflower comment, but at the immediate response to her question Andreya nodded and headed toward the bath pool’s exit, shirt plastered to her skin as she left the water and only falling right at hip level. The white, wet fabric did nothing to hide Andreya’s body shape with the way it clung to her as she moved out of the pool and to the bench.

Carrying the green over to the bench, after grabbing the towels and oil from next to the pool, Andreya sat down, crossed her legs, and laid the flit down on a towel across her legs. She carefully but thoroughly dried the green flit off before she began oiling the nearly white green flit...and saw the way her hide almost looked to shimmer. Her hands slowed down a little as she looked down at the flit, trying to figure out if it was the oil, the light, or even actually her hide itself. Continuing to oil the green being very careful not to miss any spot, Andreya glanced up at Shalia and said just loud enough for the other girl to hear “Shalia..she looks like she’s shimmering with the oil.” 


Shalia stayed in the pool a bit longer, and if she took a few moments to admire the way her newfound near-cousin's wet shirt clung to her… well, it certainly wasn't the first time, and it likely wouldn't be the last, at least as long as Andreya didn't exhibit discomfort.  But when the taller Candidate reached for the oil pot, she got out and padded over to the bench.  She briefly considered resuming her supervisory stance against the other girl's back, but given their state of attire decided against it.  Instead Shalia sat to the side, dropping a towel in her own lap, ready to give pointers and suggestions if needed.  Andreya had oiled Noctis, but a full-grown flit who could direct attention to itchy spots was a different enough proposition from a slumbering hatchling receiving her first oiling that she wanted to be sure.

"They do that when oiled," she teased, but then conceded, "although maybe not quite this much."  She moved her head from side to side watching the reflecting glows change.  "Wow, her hide almost looks pure white from this angle!"


Andreya, with Shalia having been behind her as well as being too focused on the flit in her hands, of course had not noticed in the slightest the shorter candidate checking her out as she walked to the bench. And yes, as she oiled the sleeping green it was a very different experience from having oiled Noctis the few times she had, so she was glad when Shalia (despite the other candidate being *very naked*) came and sat on the bench beside her to make sure she didn’t miss any spots.

At the initial tease from Shalia, Andreya rolled her eyes slightly as she glanced up, specifically to Shalia’s face, and gave the other girl a look of ‘I *know* that.’. But then Shalia continued, admitting that they didn’t normally shimmer quite *this* much. Turning to focus back on the flit in her hands for a moment, at Shalia’s last comment Andreya nodded her head even as she looked just a little bit worried saying “She really does! So pale a green she looks white, and shimmery too…Do you think she’s...ok? That seems very unusual.”


Shalia considered the question thoughtfully.  "I don't think so," she said after a few moments.  "Several Turns ago there were parasites that turned dragons pale like this, but your bronze seems to be fine, so it's probably not that, I don't think."  That parasite had affected all the hatchlings in a clutch, not just one.  She gave a shrug, unconcerned about the effect that had on certain portions of her bare anatomy.  "It might not hurt to have a Dragonhealer look her over, to be safe, but I think she's just naturally very light-colored."


As Shalia talked about the parasites turning dragons white, Andreya did think she remembered hearing something about that so she nodded slowly at the other girl’s information. Still looking down at the flit, being careful to oil the flits wing-joints, Andreya didn’t notice Shalia’s shrug. To her last suggestion though, Andreya nodded in agreement saying “I’ll do that...Hopefully tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow.”

Andreya’s hands were still moving and oiling, carefully turning the baby girl this way and that to get every spot. Soon, she was finishing up and the oil was glistening all over the flit’s shimmering nearly white looking hide. Settling the flit back down on the towel in her lap, Andreya stroked the green’s narrow head and turned her head up to look at Shalia saying with a smile “Alright, I think she’s good, well perfect and beautiful, now.”


Shalia watched carefully as Andreya oiled the green, making the occasional sound of approval to let her know she was doing a good job.  She considered how the flit might be diagnosed; parasites in animals were generally diagnosed from their excrement, which also would work with baby dragons, but these flits would be going between for that pretty much immediately.  She made a mental note to track down the other hatchlings just to be safe; if they were normal, like the bronze, it was likely just natural coloration.  But as she'd just said, it wouldn't hurt to check.

As Andreya finished, Shalia gave her a smile.  "That was perfect!  You'll have to do it fairly often while they're growing, but you're doing it exactly right."  She looked down at the tiny green nestled on the towel in the other girl's lap and gave another smile.  Babies of any species were always adorable (well, as long as you didn't have to clean up after them, at least!) but this exquisite little creature was possibly on another level entirely.  "She certainly is beautiful," she agreed.


Andreya appreciated Shalia giving hints of approval as she worked to oil the green flit for the first time. Focused on the oiling, Andreya wasn’t analyzing how the healers might diagnose or examine her green for any problems. That wasn’t on her mind at all, although she would most likely begin thinking about that as she was heading to the Dragonhealers. 

Straightening up, careful of the flit, Andreya glanced over and smiled at her near-cousin saying “Thank you! And yes, she is and she very much knows it.” Andreya took another moment to admire the green in her lap before pulling herself away and beginning to carefully shift the green, bundling up the towel around her, and placing the curled up flit gently on the bench. Standing up as carefully as possible, possibly even putting her fabric plastered chest in an even more obvious location for Shalia, even though nothing she was doing had any chance of pulling the green out of her food coma. As she stood and stretched slightly Andreya said “Alright, now for that handsome bronze over there.”


Shalia chuckled at Andreya's comment about the green knowing she was beautiful; that was fairly obvious from the way she'd wanted to enter the world.  When the other girl stood up, she gave a longing look at the bathing pool.  She'd been gone far longer than expected, and as much as she wanted to stay, duty called.

"I really should get back to work," she said reluctantly, bringing her towel up to wrap around her still-wet hair.  "And you clearly know what you're doing," she added in an encouraging tone with a smile as she stood up.  "Just do the same thing with him as you did her, and you'll be fine."

Shalia hesitated briefly, considering their current state of undress, and then gave a mental shrug.  There wouldn't really be an opportunity to give the taller Candidate a hug once she was dressed, and she'd been wanting to do that since finding out who her father was.  She stepped in close and threw her arms around Andreya.  "And welcome to the family!"


Andreya had just been about to turn and walk over to the pool entrance when Shalia’s reluctantly said comment reached her ears. Turning back to her near-cousin, focusing on her face, Andreya watched as Shalia wrapped a towel around her hair and nodded understandingly to the other candidate having to leave. The words of encouragement earned Shalia a smile and a firm nod before Andreya said “Of course, I understand work. I didn’t mean to hold you up from getting back for so long, please apologize for me. And thank you, so much, for all the help with the both of them. This, on top of the earlier news...yeah, I was still a bit in shock with everything.” 

And then before she could say any more, Shalia was stepping close and wrapping her arms around Andreya, still *only* wearing a towel in her hair and nothing else. Andreya froze out of reflex for a moment, feeling Shalia’s body pressed against hers with Andreya’s clothes soaked and Shalia’s clothes gone. But a very short instant later, Andreya’s brain caught up with the hug from her near-cousin and she wrapped her own arms around Shalia. Trying to downplay the sudden nervousness she felt (entirely at the idea of meeting the rest of the family, really...) even though she couldn’t help that her cheeks were now bright pink Andreya said “Thank you! I’m sure over the next few days I’ll be meeting lots of new family.”


"I'm really glad I was able to be there to help, and watch," Shalia said with a smile. "I can't even imagine what it must be like to suddenly find out you have a whole big family!"  It was a big enough shock for her learning she had a new cousin, but to meet your father after over seventeen Turns and learn about cousins, and kids of cousins (although two were actually technically a niece and nephew, weren't they?)... Andreya suddenly had a whole family, and two baby flits to boot…

"I could stick around longer if you need, or even just want, to talk some more," she offered after releasing the taller girl from the hug.  She hadn't missed the way Andreya had stiffened up, though Shalia wasn't sure whether it was the nudity involved with another girl, another girl who had shown interest, or her newfound cousin who had shown interest.  Probably should have wrapped the towel around her body instead, especially since she'd need to dry off again after hugging Andreya in her still-rather-wet shirt anyway.  Oh well.  "I'm sure R'tal would understand," she continued her verbal train of thought.  Even if the man did seem to forget about his own family, he'd probably understand.  "I could just pass the word through Rhyth and stay."


Andreya heard the initial comments from Shalia about being glad to be able to help and watch as well as about Andreya finding out about the new family she had and just nodded silently to the smiling girl. The tall candidate knew that even when she finally laid down tonight to actually sleep she’d still be coming to terms with everything that had happened today…

The taller girl’s arms dropped to the side and she relaxed ever so slightly when Shalia released the hug for a variety of reasons, chief being that being hugged by a *naked* woman wasn’t something that Andreya normally experienced...beyond the whole ‘she’s asked to *kiss* me before!’ or even ‘she’s family!’ aspects of the situation. Standing there, Andreya considered Shalia’s offer to stay for a couple moments, even just to be able to talk while Andreya cleaned and oiled the bronze flit. 

After a moment though Andreya shook her head and reassured the other girl with “No, I’m ok right now. I know how much you enjoy working for R’tal, and I don’t want to be the reason that gets messed up. And it’s *important* too, your being his runner-assistant. So it’s ok, really. But, if you’re not busy with work for R’tal or anything and you’d like to swing back by after dinner this evening sometime to come see the bronze once he’s been cleaned and oiled, and to talk, that’d be nice. And...maybe Sarati could visit as well, and I can start slowly meeting family as..well, as knowing they are actually family?” 


"I actually have plans with Sar for dinner tonight," Shalia said with a hint of apology in her voice.  Plans which absolutely didn't involve other people being there, and hopefully didn't involve clothes, but Andreya probably didn't need to know that.  Or want to, for that matter.  "Besides," she added with an excited bounce that, while not as impressive as Andreya could manage, was distracting enough for those who might be interested in that sort of thing, given her current clothing situation, "my gold is likely to hatch by then!"  Shalia sent a thought Noctis' way and, reassured once again that no, the egg wasn't so much as twitching, turned towards her clothes and started to get dressed.

"How 'bout lunch tomorrow?  Or maybe dinner?  I'm sure Sar would love to meet you."  Shalia considered logistics as she dressed; Sarati's weyr would be out, since it was so small and cramped with all her stuff.  And probably not the Dining Hall.  "We could have something sent up to Dad's weyr… or if you'd like him there, I'm sure he'd be happy to cook," she said, tossing a grin over her shoulder.


As Shalia said she had dinner plans already, Andreya let a little of the disappointment cross her face but she nodded understandingly. But as Shalia talked about her gold hatching, with that bounce that Andreya *totally* didn’t notice or look down at, the taller candidate grinned at Shalia saying “That’s so wonderful! I can’t wait to meet her, and to see how her and this bronze boy interact.”

Shalia’s suggestion of dinner with her, Sarati, and Sh’ain (although Andreya did have to pause a moment to remember who that was) in Sh’ain’s weyr with the rider cooking, Andreya considered a moment before saying with a nod “Yes, that sounds great, dinner with Sh’ain cooking! Still a small gathering, and hopefully will appease him enough not to throw the grand welcoming dinner with *all* the family like you mentioned earlier that he’d probably want to do...at least not for a little bit anyway.” That last bit was said with an amused grin down at Shalia before she finished with “That sounds like a wonderful plan for tomorrow’s dinner.”


"Yeah, that'll be fun,"Shalia smiled.  "He'll probably be one of her first recruits for her fair," she added with a laugh.  Unless another gold - such as Lady - got to him first. But she probably wouldn't want to bother with a baby bronze.  "Don't let any other golds get their hooks into him," she teased.  "Or your pretty little green!"

She chuckled at Andreya's response to dinner.  "It'll tide him over, at least," she agreed.  "For a little while!  It'll prolly be better to meet everyone in small groups first anyway."  By this time she was half-dressed, and certainly more decent than the taller Candidate in her wet clothing; she just needed to finish buttoning her shirt and pull on her pants and boots.  "I'll let him know, and ask Sar if she wants to join."


Andreya eyed her stubborn bronze where he slept and replied with “If he *lets* her recruit him...he seems likely to have some pretty independent thoughts. But I’ll keep them close by until tomorrow’s dinner for sure, to give your gold her best chance.” 

Shivering slightly as the cool air hit her skin with her damp clothing clinging to her, Andreya grinned at Shalia’s response about her dad, nodding gratefully at the idea to do small dinners. The other girl’s last words earned another nod before Andreya said “Great, just send me a message and let me know if it works for everyone tomorrow.” 

Glancing down again at the bronze, seeing that Shalia was almost ready to go, Andreya said “Well, better get to taking care of him now. I’ll see you tomorrow though, whether dinner plans work or not I hope.”


"She'll be a *gold*," Shalia pointed out with a chuckle.  "He may not get a say in the matter."  She noticed the taller Candidate's shiver and paused her dressing to make a shooing motion.  "Get in that pool already!" she said commandingly.  "He's waited long enough for his bath!  I'll let you know by lunch tomorrow about dinner."


Andreya blushed slightly at Shalia’s chuckled comment, but then at the command from Shalia and the last comments Andreya nodded saying “Sounds great! Have a good rest of your day. And thanks again for all your help.” And with that, Andreya turned and headed back into the warm water to begin the process of washing, drying, and then oiling the newborn bronze flit while his green sister snoozed on the bench...


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