Re: Eyes Open for Opportunity! (attn: Sehrael, Raelah)


"Well, I guess that depends what you're looking to do," Raelah
answered.  "A lot of people enjoy swimming, especially being so warm
and sunny here.  Hookball is pretty popular with the candidates and
weyrbrats.  There's Harpers for music, dancing, card games and the
like.  Heck, I've even put on a couple of shows since coming here, but
that's more to keep my hand in than anything else.  Don't want to get
out of practice."

"Music, dancing, and shows are my kind of fun!" Sehrael said cheerily. That was the kind of venue where people enjoyed beverages. She was going to have to get in touch with whoever facilitated the drinking at the weyr and make that her gainful employment when the Candidatemaster had nothing else for her to be about. She knew how to mix a decent drink.

If she built a relationship there, she would be one step closer to establishing a connection with whoever supplemented the territory's tithes with additional beverages... Surely, the weyrfolk consumed more than the tithes covered.

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