Re: Cloud Dancers Wing Assistant Interviews (wL S'ryll, Ziekyn)


S'ryll had posted notices up around the Weyr. He was looking for an assistant to help out with the administrative tasks of the wing, some hide copying, ensuring that the files were neatly organized, update the calendar, and preferably, to have fresh klah in the mornings. He was sure there would be other tasks, but these were what he could think of now. He liked the idea of a potential hopeful Rider filling the role, as a kind of mentorship opportunity, so he'd gone and spoken with CM Nayari to make sure that he had her approval before allowing Candidates to interview. That being said, at the end of the day, he cared most about getting things done, and if a young Candidate benefited as well, then all the better. But he'd hold open interviews for anyone that wanted. He remembered a grizzled old Rider back at HR, a man who'd been around for ages but had been injured Turns prior. He and his dragon were far too old to do much, but the man had been full of so much knowledge and ideas. They used to talk for candlemarks at dinners some sevendays. He'd take someone like that in a heartbeat as well.
So he'd posted an interview sign-up sheet with time blocks, and today
was the day. He waited inside his office for the first one...<<

Ziekyn had debated after she saw the notice, but in the end decided
she needed to do it. She still couldn't be a rider, knew that she
couldn't do that to a dragon, but she could help her mama this way, or
well her mama's old wing and the wing Uncle Sh'in was in. That decided
she had put her name down after talking to the runners to find a time
she could be free to go.

So it was that she showed up just a couple of moments early, uniform
changed into a clean one, and her knots perfectly in place. After a
final glance at her clothing she nodded to herself and knocked on the
Wingleader's door.


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