Re: In Need of Ice ((Attn: T'rifoshe, Andreya))


At T'rif's words, Andreya felt herself relax as she realized they'd be able to help with whatever problem Foreth was having clutching her eggs. With her bronze flit looking down at her before perching on her shoulder, Andreya watched her dad slip through the crowd until he disappeared before she walked with a slight limp (from running barefoot) over to one of the chairs and sat down a fair bit less gracefully than she'd have preferred. The message was passed along, so now she could sit for a moment and recover herself before she joined the celebration, excitement beginning to surge through her again as she sat there thinking about the gold egg on the sands. 

((OOC: This is now open for any who want to come chat with an exhausted Andreya...))


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With the flit hanging around, T'rif wasn't entirely surprised when Andreya came to find him. He smiled as he spotted her and then turned serious at her news. "We're on it. Thank you, Andreya."

T'rif slipped away to let the other ACMs know where he was going and then he was rushing to meet up with Kasheth so that they could run the errand.


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