Re: Gather: Callamere Whers Stall Atten: Marsali, Revai


Marsali listened intently to Revai's description, nodding at the end as she replied with "That's what I noticed, that it looked like they needed an experienced jockey during the race and clearing those jumps. Their stamina, speed, and jumping ability was very impressive.  I was so glad I was here to be able to watch the race!"

"I believe that for a while 2 full Callameres, SilverStrike and Queen's Glory, and 1 half-Callamere contender, SilverSquared, were all in the lead, until another runner next to SilverSquared tripped over a jump. But even then, SilverSquared had the amazing dexterity to be able to avoid being tripped by the downed runner/rider pair, although he did throw his rider while avoiding being tripped. Would you say that showing of dexterity was due to his half-Callamere lineage?"

After a moment to consider her next questions, Marsali asked politely "You said they are spirited, Ma'am. What makes them so hot-headed? And, what type of handling do they respond best to? How intelligent has the Callamere line shown themselves to be, and do you believe it makes them easier or harder to train? And, what about their conformation? They looked, from a distance, to be quite structurally sound and well put together, well balanced. So, if you've had any physical defects in the line over the decades, how have you handled them?"

Marsali paused a moment before adding at the end "Do they have a smooth gait, or is it a bit more bumpy? 


On Wed, Jul 1, 2020 at 9:53 AM sailyn2 <empressoftheworld@...> wrote:
"We've been in business for a few decades," Revai said. "We breed for stamina and strength, but beauty as well. Some of our runners are better for the race circuit. Some are better for working elsewhere. They can be used for work and for pleasure riding, but they're generally too spirited for beginner riders."


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