Re: She's Always Like This ((Attn: S'nen, F'nel))


Lileth's faceted eyes took on a greenish tinge of subtle annoyance, but the brown's understated response was satisfactory enough that she daintily deposited herself at his side. ((This seems like the best place for sunning, you have good taste.)) She trilled a friendly note, shifting on the rocks to spread her wings out for maximum warmth. ((I am newly arrived, you see. I am ever-so lost when I look around the weyrbowl and don't know all the best spots yet. I could use a dashing brown to show me around. Do you know one?)) Lileth cocked her head to one side.

{{Where are you?}} F'nel asked her, receiving only a flashed image of the lake and the distinct impression his dragon was busy. It made F'nel laugh, and he squinted in the effort of locating her pale green hide. {{You can't hide forever, we have oiling to do.}}

((You haven't been summoned yet! Just wait!)) She hissed at her rider.

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Sekerth, for once not running through drills, or otherwise supervising (or pretending to supervise) other dragons, had sprawled out on just the right patch of warmth, a craggy rock near the Lake, when he registered that a green was addressing him. The brown's head lifted, eyes whirling slightly faster in startlement, before he rumbled and shifted over slightly- a wordless invitation. ((Hello, Lileth.)) he greeted, politely. ((I am Sekerth.)) 

Being a Wingsecond to the Skystrikers was a lot of work, and led to even less free time, but S'nen had accepted that when he'd volunteered for a ranking position. Today, however- today was simply too hot to spend another moment indoors, and so, with a sigh, he set aside his work for now and rose, stretched, before striding out to go find wherever that brown lump had decided to settle.

((Mine, there is a pretty green flirting with me.)) "So flirt back." S'nen just responded. 

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