Re: (RAIN) Last Minute Cancellations (T'eko)


As much as hed been looking forward to do his job, there was some relief for any dragonrider to see their ancient enemy destroyed like that. He reached his hand up to pat Brocarth's now-soaked hide before mounting his friend once R'tal gave the go-ahead to disperse. He passed that on to the wing and let Brocarth launch up to his weyr.

{{What shall we do now?}} the brown asked him.

{{Not sure, but maybe I'll curl up with the little guys, Note, and you with some klah and finger foods,}} T'eko replied with a thoughtful tone. {{It'd be great if I still had someone to cuddle up with. Days like this I almost miss T'shai.}}

{{Were you happy with them, though?}} Brocarth asked as he landed on his ledge and knelt to let his friend off and shook himself off before heading into his weyr. 

"Eh, I dunno. Heya there, Note!" T'eko greeted the chirping wher and rubbed his hands over the blue's head and neck. "Keep the place safe while I was out?"

{Note keep safe, no sound alarm!} Note replied positively and retrieved a treat in response. Ryu and Linnie were absent which concerned T'eko until they suddenly appeared soaking wet and chittering in frustration.

"Hey guys! Where ya been? I see you've got caught in the rain. Here, hang on." Teko set up a few furs arranged like nests for the 'lizards and another for Note and watched as the mood changed. The blue and green firelizards ceased their fussing and changed to happy chatter between themselves with a casual "thank you" thought sent to their human. Note settled onto his fur and procceeded to toss about until he was comfortable and settled with a sigh. T'eko chuckled as he stripped and laid out his leathers to dry.

"I gotta polish those later," he murmrued to himself. "Can't have them cracking when I'm on duty. Now that everyone's happy, time for me to settle down and have T'eko time." Grinning at his alleged funniness, he went on to make his klah and ordered fingerfoods from the kitchens before settling next to his fireplace. "This life is... so great. I have my best friend in the whole world, two amazing firelizards, and a good wher. And I'm a wingsecond, too... Not just to anyone, either, but to my actual hero, R'tal! I wish the man had more time for me, but he's Weyrleader again and so busy. What would I ask, anyway? Him to tell me stories? .... Honestly, probably. I would love to hear his stories of when he was younger, of mistakes and triumphs he made to get where he is."

{{Talith's is pretty amazing,}} Brocarth agreed. {{I look up to Talith myself. He's a brown who leads and has fathered gold dragons. We aren't supposed to be able to do that, yet here he is. I aspire to do that one day.}}

"Wait, you want to catch a gold?" T'eko asked in some surprise. Sure his brown chased, but T'eko didn't realize that he really wanted to catch one.

{{I do! I will never catch Foreth of course, but there's Nykantiath now as well as Razelth. I could catch either of them if I tried hard enough. I want to know more about Nykantiath but she has so much bronze attention I don't know if she'd ever see little old me.}}

"Now, Brocarth, don't you talk down about yourself like that," T'eko scolded softly. "You're an amazing brown who deserves attention as much as any bronze. Greens love you because you're so kind to them when you catch them, and so would a gold. I'd be so faranth-damned proud of that clutch! If the goldrider agreed to it, I'd hire a harper to paint it."

The praise had Brocarth flattered and feeling much better. His eyes whirled a happy green as he settled more onto his wallow with a huff. {{I'd be so happy and would bring her so much fresh food. I'd offer to groom her if she let me, getting that spot in between the wings and maybe having her thank me if I'm lucky.}}

"That's my boy," T'eko praised softly as the food came. He retrieved it and started eating, noting they'd sent juice as well. "I love our staff here. Don't worry, Brocarth. You'll find a partner one day just as I will."
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