Re: Hope and Fear (ATTN: Trifali/Kassia)

Jessica Freise

Trifali gave her questions honest thought, taking a breath before she answered, "I came here to find family, and I have that in spades," she flashed Kassia a grin, eyes alight before she sobered.

"I didn't come here to Impress a gold. I'm not going to lie and say it wouldn't be a dream of mine, but your lecture put the breaks on 'My world is over if I don't Impress gold', which I think I had started to think. I just wish I could explain to myself why I started out that way. It isn't really like Impressing any other color, is it? I mean, you have to be able and willing to rise up to the occasion and the life-long meaning behind walking off the sands beside a gold."

Trifali was willing, able, and dedicated. SHe let Kassia see that all in her eyes, in her face. But she'd be more than stupid if she weren't a little trepidatious as well.

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"Good, thank you," Kassia said. "I wanted to talk to you about the gold eggs and that lecture I gave. Did you have any questions? How do you feel about possibly Impressing now?"

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