Month 10 Intro and OOC ((Attn: All FF Weyrlings))


OOC: Set date of 28.8.1

Ko’ssen was out in the weyrlings’ training area of the weyrbowl, standing in front of the FF weyrling class as they all gathered for their lesson. Once everyone was there, and making sure to raise his voice to be heard by all the weyrlings, Ko’ssen’s expression was more serious than the other times he’d stood in front of these weyrlings as he began with: 

“You're nearly a full rider, as this is month you will be learning to fly with your dragons *between*, as long as you have been cleared for that lesson. Only once you have learned to go *between* and successfully completed that lesson will you be allowed to not just have anyone in your weyr that you want, but you will also be able to resume those intimate activities that have been forbidden up till now. Your dragons are nearly full sized at this point. Bronzes on average are 30 ft, Browns 26 ft, Blues around 22 ft and greens about 18 ft.”

Dragons will begin staying with dragons other than clutchmates. Some may still prefer the friends they made while training, but they no longer feel a need to only be with their classmates, and may be sunning or resting with those in the Wings their rider may potentially be joining. Some clutchmates remain very close, however, and when they are in Wings together, they often overcompensate and must be separated in formation by Wingseconds and Wingleaders until they get a bit more experience and learn to adjust their feelings.”

The WLMA looked around "Otherwise, the principle difference this month will be learning the art of going *between* and more about becoming a full dragonrider pair above and beyond what we have done to date. Are there any questions?"


Forgotten of Foreth: Month 10 Overview

Ok, so here’s a list of the lessons/activities that would be expected to happen this month, regardless of if there is a lesson put out on the list or not, as well as various RP opportunity ideas. We are determining which lesson we are going to post to the list still, but if there’s a specific lesson or activity you’d like to see please let us know. 

Lesson List/Activities: 

~ Continuing physical training based on rider’s age: morning run around the Bowl followed by either calisthenics or the obstacle course on alternating days (this would have been happening since they Impressed)

~ Continuing series of lessons on All Territories: This month’s focus is on social structures and inter-weyr interactions between territories, North and South (taught by Harper).

~ Continuing Threadfall Discussion (built on from month 5 lesson): Threadfall Types & Wind Factors Activity

~ Continuing Muscle Strengthening Exercises: Outside the Weyr ‘Wing Flights’

~ Continued Self Defense Training (Advanced lesson, taught by Weyrguard):

~ Continuing *Between* Prep (built on from month 6 lesson): Drills on recognition points around the Weyr

~ ‘Greenrider-only’ Greenflight Lesson: participation is mandatory OOCly *and* ICly.

~ First *Between* (End of Month): First jump is either 1-on-1 with a WLM/AWLM or in your small mentor group but not in a full class setting. Any weyrling with *any* issue is held back from this lesson.

~ First Kill (only after successful First *Between* lesson): Learning to hunt w/ your dragon.

RP Opportunities:

~ RP for ‘greenrider-only’ greenflight lesson.

~ Build up to First *Between* lesson: possible feelings could include anger at being held back, scared, excited, or even overconfident/cocky. 

~ First Hunt: relief your dragon can hunt for themselves now, possible squeamishness at dragon ferocity in the hunt spilling over into your mind.

Pre-Month 10 *Betweening* Questionnaire

Alright everyone, I know it seems like we *just* did a Month 8 Interview for your weyrlings, but before we RP *anything* related to a betweening lesson there is a very small questionnaire that I’d like to get answers for in regards to each weyrling. This is especially important for any weyrlings that had problems enough to be either held back from moving out, or allowed to move out with caveats on possibly being pulled back to the barracks if necessary.

Also, the biggest thing to remember is that if your weyrling is still having *any* issues whatsoever, they will not be learning to go *between* with the rest of their classmates. The WLM team will not risk a ‘oh, it’s only a small problem’ weyrling attempting the *between* lesson and then not surviving, and Ko’ssen especially is going to be very strict on making sure all weyrling issues (Impression Anxiety, behavior, bookwork, and physical activity lessons) are all resolved before each weyrling does their *between* lesson. 

Here is a link to the Questionnaire that I posted back on July 20th:


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