Month 4 Intro and OOC ((Attn: All MD Weyrlings))


OOC: Set date of 28.8.1

Ko’ssen was back in front of the MD weyrlings again this morning, leaning against the desk in front of the room with his arms crossed but otherwise looking relaxed when the weyrlings all began to file in and take their seats. Smiling at them, Ko’ssen waited for them to all get settled before straightening up and getting everyone’s attention. 

Pitching his voice up to carry throughout the room, Ko’ssen began with a smile “Alright everyone, we are now beginning the fourth month together and at this point green dragons should be around 11ft, blues at around 14ft, browns at around 16, and bronzes at around 18ft.” 

Looking around at the weyrlings, Ko’ssen continued with “Now here is where things start getting a little more intense. You will be doing a lot of new things in this month which we will expand and build on as time goes on. Your dragons will want to fly, but we will still be concentrating on building their muscles with swimming and exercises in preparation for them flying. However, the good news is that in preparations for your first flights you will not only be fitted for flight gear but will start making your first sets of straps. This is mainly because you will be doing mounted ground drills to learn the principles of formation.”

"Regular bathing and oiling is still necessary, especially for the blues and greens who will be rapidly growing over the next couple of months in comparison to the bronzes. They may even need an extra feeding that is out of character so do not be surprised by this. We will be watching your progress carefully in this month and will have a review with all of you to ensure everything is well by the end of the month."


Midsummer Dreamers: Month 4 Overview: 

Ok, so here’s a list of the lessons/activities that would be expected to happen this month, regardless of if there is a lesson put out on the list or not, as well as various RP opportunity ideas. We are determining which lesson we are going to post to the list still, but if there’s a specific lesson or activity you’d like to see please let us know.

Lesson List/Activities: 

~ Continuing physical training based on rider’s age: morning run around the Bowl followed by either calisthenics or the obstacle course on alternating days

~ Continuing series of lessons on Northern Territory: This month’s focus is on Benden and surrounding territory (taught by Harper): geography, weather patterns, history, & politics

~ Continuing Ground Drills: more complex formations, increased time

~ Continuing Dragon-rider Bonding Exercises: blindfold race

~ Continuing Muscle Strengthening/Flight Prep Exercises: more swimming and flapping exercises

~ Making Flying Straps Lesson: taught by leathercrafter

~ Frequent tests on knowledge: testing across all topics

~ Review meeting with WLM/AWLMs on progress to date

~ Firestone pickup from dragonback: weyrlings are on ground tossing bags up to riders who don’t land

~ Fall Experience: maintaining firestone bag supplies for the Wings

~ Flight Gear Fitting: Done by tailor or leathercrafters

RP Opportunities:

~ Reaction to Helping during ‘Fall

~ Firestone bag tossing to riders during ‘Fall: possible muscle strain, or ‘failed’ tossing that doesn’t reach the rider trying to grab the bag (these are *heavy* bags after all and your weyrling might not be physically prepared/strong enough to throw them into the air yet)

~ New earlier schedule annoyance (or not) and physical training in the morning for the human side of the weyrling pair.

~ Trouble making flying straps (weyrlings with leathercraft experience can possibly help other weyrlings)

~ Flight Gear Fitting: the realization that you will be a Threadfighter! Excitement, sudden fear as it’s made more real, a huge ‘wow’ moment perhaps...

Month 4 Review:

So, because there is supposed to be a Month 4 review at the end of the month with your weyrling and the WLM team, I went ahead and made a specific OOC post regarding all the things that would have been covered in this review. If you would not mind taking a look at that OOC post (found here: and answering a couple of questions that would be greatly appreciated, and would also help us to be better prepared for when your weyrlings are in Month 8 and getting their Interview done before being cleared for moving out of the barracks.


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